Authors: Mike Kerby
Published: December 2002 (version 2.10)

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Please note, this version of the MiniGuide was put together in 2002 and hasn't been updated much since.  The only reason it is still being made available is because there is no current guidebook in print.  It will be withdrawn in the near future and once withdrawn you will not be able to download it any more.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Its reputation for a 12-month summer and buzzing nightlife have made it a firm favourite holiday destination. Combine this with the dramatic mountainous landscape and you have an obvious place to come to find some winter-sun rock climbing. The rock on the island is a volcanic ignibrite and was formed from the ash ejected from the 16km wide crater of Mount Teide, the now-dormant 3718m high volcano situated in the centre of the island. This peak offers a unique climbing experience in itself.

There are currently about twelve developed crags of which five are included in this MiniGUIDE. The Arico Gorge and Las Canadas have reasonably good coverage. We have also covered several other areas including Guia d'Isora, and the smaller venues of Martianez and Tabares. Overall there are more than 380 routes on 43 pages which should provide you with plenty entertainment for several weeks.

Tenerife Routes up to 4+ 5 to 6a+ 6b to 7a 7a+ up
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Access Updates

Arico Gorge - Exit the motorway at junction 19 (the one currently marked as junction 19 is in fact now junction 17). Follow the road to a roundabout on the edge of Arico. Drive straight through then turn left, then right which misses most of the town.
Las Canadas - You can no longer drive to the Wardens hut and must walk fromfrom the cafe/hostel

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