Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Northumberland, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Jacob's LadderGreat WanneyVD
Great ChimneyGreat WanneyVD
Boundary CornerGreat WanneyVD
Russet GrooveBowden DoorsVD
Spuggies' GullyCrag LoughVD
Castle CrackBowden DoorsHVD
Main WallGreat WanneyS 4a
Tarzan's MateCrag LoughS 4a
TarzanCrag LoughS 4a
SunsetPeel CragS 4a
The PlonkaCorby's CragS 4a
Grovel GrooveBowden DoorsS 4a
Flake CrackKyloe out the WoodS 4b
Cloister WallKyloe out the WoodHS 4b
Main WallCrag LoughHS 4b
Hadrian's ButtressCrag LoughHS 4b
St. IvelKyloe out the WoodVS 4c
Banana WallBowden DoorsVS 4c
The ScoopBowden DoorsVS 4c
TacitationKyloe out the WoodVS 5a
LorraineBowden DoorsVS 5a
Gargarin's GrooveKyloe out the WoodHVS 5a
Wilfred PricklesKyloe out the WoodHVS 5a
Tiger's WallBowden DoorsHVS 5a
Callerhues CrackCallerhuesHVS 5a
Main WallBowden DoorsHVS 5b
Woodburn WallEast WoodburnE1 5b
The ArchesBack Bowden DoorsE1 5b
Magic FluteBack Bowden DoorsE1 5b
Roof RouteBack Bowden DoorsE1 5b
The SorcererBack Bowden DoorsE1 5c
RanadonCorby's CragE2 5b
Northumberland WallGreat WanneyE2 5c
Sandy CrackSandy CragE2 5c
Klondyke WallBowden DoorsE2 5c
The Overhanging CrackBowden DoorsE2 5c
The TrialBowden DoorsE3 6a
The MantaBowden DoorsE3 6a
On the VergeBack Bowden DoorsE4 5c
TubeBack Bowden DoorsE4 5c
Thin IceGreat WanneyE4 6a
Poseidon AdventureBowden DoorsE4 6a
First BornKyloe out the WoodE4 6b
BarbarianBowden DoorsE5 6b
The RajahBowden DoorsE5 6b
The MagicianRavensheughE7 7a
Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyKyloe in the WoodV7 7A+ 6c
The YorkshiremanKyloe in the WoodV8 7B+
CatapultKyloe in the WoodV11 8A
Monk LifeKyloe in the WoodV14 8B+