Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Cornwall, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Black SlabBosigranD
Alison RibBosigranD
South East ClimbThe Devil's JumpVD
Bosigran RidgeBosigranVD
Corner ClimbSennenVD
Land's End Long ClimbLands EndVD
Terrier's ToothChair LadderVD
Ochre Slab Route llBosigranS 4a
DoorwayBosigranS 4a
AndrewBosigranS 4a
Helluva SlabPorthgwarraS 4a
Pendulum ChimneyChair LadderS 4b
Right AngleGurnard's HeadHS 4b
DoorpostBosigranHS 4b
Demo RouteSennenHS 4b
DingBosigranVS 4c
Zig ZagBosigranVS 4c
Anvil ChorusBosigranVS 4c
Vertical CrackSennenVS 4c
Little Brown JugBosigranVS 5a
DioceseChair LadderVS 5a
Simanon DirectCheesewring QuarryHVS 4c
LunakhodLower SharpnoseHVS 5a
Ochre Slab Route lBosigranHVS 5a
SaxonKenidjackHVS 5a
The SmileLower SharpnoseE1 5a
Thin Wall SpecialBosigranE1 5b
Bishop's RibChair LadderE1 5b
Misery GoatLower SharpnoseE2 5b
Out of the BlueLower SharpnoseE2 5b
Mercury DirectCarn GowlaE2 5b
Desolation RowBosigranE2 5b
Last LaughLower SharpnoseE2 5c
CrimtyphonCompass PointE2 5c
Khyber WallCheesewring QuarryE2 5c
Diamond SmilesLower SharpnoseE3 5c
Crooked MileLower SharpnoseE3 5c
Sea GreenLower SharpnoseE4 5c
Break On ThroughLower SharpnoseE4 5c
FayLower SharpnoseE4 5c
Hellbound on my TrailLower SharpnoseE4 5c
Heart By-passLower SharpnoseE4 5c
WraithLower SharpnoseE4 6a
PacemakerLower SharpnoseE5 6a
The DevonianLower SharpnoseE5 6a
Il DuceTintagelE5 6a
Coronary CountryLower SharpnoseE6 6b
Double AgentCheesewring Quarry7a+
RampageCheesewring Quarry7b