Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on North Wales Climbs, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Little Tryfan AreteTryfanD
Stepped CrackTryfanD
Outside Edge RouteCwm SilynVD
Rib and SlabCraig DduVD
Gashed CragTryfanVD
Pinnacle Rib RouteTryfanVD
HopeIdwal SlabsVD
Amphitheatre ButtressCraig yr YsfaVD
Flying ButtressDinas CromlechVD
Grooved AreteTryfanHVD 4a
The Gambit ClimbClogwyn y DdysglS
Poor Man's PeutereyTremadog (Pant Ifan)S 4a
Avalanche/Red Wall/Longland's ContinuationLliweddS 4b
Creagh Dhu WallTremadog (Craig y Castell)HS 4b
Christmas Curry/Micah EliminateTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)HS 4b
The CracksDinas MotHS 4c
ScratchTremadog (Pant Ifan)VS 4c
One Step in the CloudsTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)VS 4c
Grim WallTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)VS 4c
Sabre CutDinas CromlechVS 4c
LavaredoCarreg AlltremVS 5a
Scratch AreteTremadog (Pant Ifan)HVS 5a
MeshachTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)HVS 5a
Merlin DirectTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)HVS 5a
Brant DirectClogwyn y GrochanHVS 5a
Route 1Castle Inn Quarry5
BarbarianTremadog (Pant Ifan)E1 5b
FalconTremadog (Pant Ifan)E1 5b
The PlumTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)E1 5b
Super DirectDinas MotE1 5b
PlexusDinas MotE1 5b
Cemetery GatesDinas CromlechE1 5b
VectorTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)E2 5c
Left WallDinas CromlechE2 5c
PincushionTremadog (Pant Ifan)E2 6a
West Buttress EliminateClogwyn Du'r ArdduE3 5c
Stroll OnClogwyn y GrochanE3 6a
QuasarClogwyn y GrochanE3 6a
FingerlickerTremadog (Pant Ifan)E4 6a
CreamTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)E4 6a
VoidTremadog (Bwlch y Moch)E4 6a
Great WallClogwyn Du'r ArdduE4 6a
ResurrectionDinas CromlechE4 6a
Right WallDinas CromlechE5 6a
CockblockClogwyn y GrochanE5 6b
Night GlueLower Pen Trwyn7a+
The RefrainLower Pen Trwyn7b
The Electric Cool-Aid Acid TestUpper Pen Trwyn7b+
I've Been a Bad, Bad BoyLower Pen Trwyn7c+
MelancholieLower Pen Trwyn8b