Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 40 of the best routes on North Wales Winter, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Left-hand TrinityTrinity Face (Winter)II 2
Central TrinityTrinity Face (Winter)II 2
Great GullyTrinity Face (Winter)III 3
Trinity ButtressTrinity Face (Winter)III 3
Laddie's GullyTrinity Face (Winter)III 3
Ladies' GullyTrinity Face (Winter)III 3
The RampCwm Idwal (Winter)III 3
Devil's PastureCwm Idwal (Winter)III 3
Right-hand BranchCwm Idwal (Winter)III 3
Eastern GullyBlack Ladders (winter)III 3
Cave GullyTrinity Face (Winter)III 4
Central RouteCwm Idwal (Winter)III 4
Chicane GullyCwm Idwal (Winter)III 4
Central GullyBlack Ladders (winter)III 5
South GullyCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 4
The ScreenCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 4
The CurtainCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 4
The Devil's KitchenCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 4
The Devil's CellarCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 5
Left-hand BranchCwm Idwal (Winter)IV 5
Pyramid GullyBlack Ladders (winter)IV 5
CascadeCraig y Rhaeadr (Winter)V 5
Cascade Right-handCraig y Rhaeadr (Winter)V 5
The Devil's FilthbagCwm Idwal (Winter)V 5
The StingCwm Idwal (Winter)V 5
Western Gully Direct FinishBlack Ladders (winter)V 5
Devil's PipesCwm Idwal (Winter)V 6
Devil's StaircaseCwm Idwal (Winter)V 6
Pillar ChimneyCwm Idwal (Winter)V 6
Pyramid Face DirectBlack Ladders (winter)V 6
Western GullyBlack Ladders (winter)V 6
The SommeBlack Ladders (winter)V 6
Chequered WallCraig y Rhaeadr (Winter)VI 6
Central Icefall DirectCraig y Rhaeadr (Winter)VI 6
The Devil's AppendixCwm Idwal (Winter)VI 6
El ManchoCwm Idwal (Winter)VII 7
FlandersBlack Ladders (winter)VII 7
Blender HeadCwm Idwal (Winter)VII 8
TravestyCwm Idwal (Winter)VIII 8
Cracking UpCwm Idwal (Winter)IX 9