Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Lakes Winter, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Sharp Edge / Halls Fell traverseBlencathraI/II
Chapel Crags GullyButtermereII
The RampWasdaleII
Raven Crag LH GullyKirkstone AreaII
Window GullyBorrowdaleII/III
East Hutaple GrooveDeepdaleII/III
Central Gully Left BranchBorrowdaleIII
South East GullyBorrowdaleIII
Pinnacle RidgeGreat GableIII
Central GullyGreat GableIII
V CornerHelvellyn AreaIII
Pendulum RidgeDeepdaleIII
Blea Water GillMardaleIII 3
Cold LazerusDeepdaleIII 3
Jogebar GullyGrisedaleIII 4
Dollywagon GullyGrisedaleIII 4
Low Water BeckThe Copper Mines ValleyIII 4
Birketts GullyMardaleIII 4
Blea Water Gill IcefallMardaleIII 4
Angle Tarn IcefallsBowfell AreaIII 4
Force CragBorrowdaleIV 4
West Wall ClimbWasdaleIV 4
Raven Crag LH Gully DirectKirkstone AreaIV 4
Portcullis RidgeDeepdaleIV 4
Black Crag IcefallDovedaleIV 5
Viking ButtressHelvellyn AreaIV 5
Steep GillWasdaleV 4
Right BranchWasdaleV 5
Slingsby's Chimney RouteWasdaleV 5
Chock GullyGrisedaleV 5
ArÍte, Chimney and CrackDow Crag AreaV 5
Inaccessible GullyDovedaleV 5
Moss GillWasdaleV 6
Pisgah Buttress DirectWasdaleV 6
Ramp RouteGrisedaleV 6
Juniper GrooveDeepdaleV 6
Arete DirectBorrowdaleVI 5
Steep Gill Direct startWasdaleVI 5
Sod's LawWasdaleVI 6
Bowfell ButtressBowfell AreaVI 6
Engineers SlabsGreat GableVI 7
Botterill's SlabWasdaleVI 7
Hopkinson's GullyWasdaleVI 7
Bobbins GrooveGrisedaleVI 7
Hopkinson's CrackDow Crag AreaVI 7
JabberwockGreat GableVII 7
Trundle RidgeGreat GableVII 7
Jones's Route DirectWasdaleVII 7
Harvest CrunchWasdaleVII 9
SnickersnackGreat GableVIII 9