Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Yorkshire Limestone, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
ClubfootMalhamVS 4c
NirvanaPot ScarVS 4c
The PusherPot ScarVS 4c
Terrace WallMalhamVS 5a
OlympusCrummackdaleHVS 4c
Pikedaw WallMalhamHVS 5a
The Generation GapCrummackdaleHVS 5a
VenusCrummackdaleHVS 5a
Little Pink ClareCrummackdaleHVS 5a
Junkyard AngelMalhamHVS 5b
Red LightAttermire ScarHVS 5b
Inertia Syndrome RevisitedRobin Proctor's Scar6a+
Wheels of FireRobin Proctor's Scar6a+
Subterranean Homesick BluesRobin Proctor's Scar6a+
Black Swan RisingGiggleswick South6a+
The Mute FinishGiggleswick South6a+
CabaretGordaleE1 5b
The DiedreKilnseyE2 5b
CrossbonesMalhamE2 5c
WombatMalhamE2 5c
Midnight CowboyMalhamE3 5c
Wind and WutheringMalhamE3 5c
Mutton DaggerGiggleswick SouthE3 5c
Face RouteGordaleE3 6a
Freak OutTrow Gill6b+
AlickTrow Gill6b+
The ShieldRobin Proctor's Scar6c
The DirectissimaKilnsey6c
Brush With a GoatTrow Gill6c+
Altenative Optional ExtraKilnsey7a
The Jim GrinTrollers Gill7a
Against the GrainMalham7a
Consenting AdultsMalham7a
Slender LorisMalhamE4 6a
Yosemite WallMalham7a+
Ground EffectKilnsey7b
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'Yew Cogar Scar7b
Frankie Comes to KilnseyKilnsey7b+
Biological NeedKilnsey7c
New DawnMalham7c
The AshesKilnsey7c+
Let Them Eat JellybeansKilnsey8a
Grooved AreteKilnsey8a+
Overnite SensationMalham8a+