Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 46 of the best routes on South Lakes, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
JomoTrowbarrow QuarryVD
Jean JeanieTrowbarrow QuarryVS 4c
HarijanTrowbarrow QuarryVS 4c
Coral SeaTrowbarrow QuarryVS 4c
Hollow EarthTrowbarrow QuarryHVS 5a
AssagaiTrowbarrow QuarryHVS 5a
AladdinsaneTrowbarrow QuarryE1 5a
JavelinTrowbarrow QuarryE1 5b
Cracked ActorTrowbarrow QuarryE2 5c
Major TomTrowbarrow QuarryE2 5c
A Touch of ClassTrowbarrow QuarryE2 5c
Sleeping SicknessTrowbarrow QuarryE2 5c
Trigger FingerHumphrey HeadE2 5c
LunaticChapel Head ScarE3 5c
A Fistful of SteroidsScout Scar6b+
Interstellar OverdriveChapel Head Scar6c
Crimes of PassionScout Scar6c+
CadillacMill Side Scar6c+
War HeroChapel Head Scar6c+
Bleep and BoosterChapel Head Scar7a
The Route of All EvilChapel Head Scar7a
Perverse PepereChapel Head Scar7a
La Mangoustine ScatouflangeChapel Head Scar7a
Driller KillerChapel Head Scar7a
MoonchildChapel Head ScarE4 5c
AndroidChapel Head ScarE4 5c
A Sense of DoubtTrowbarrow QuarryE4 6b
Tricky Pricky EarsChapel Head ScarE5 6a
Doubting ThomasTrowbarrow QuarryE5 6b
Stan PulsarChapel Head ScarE5 6b
Ivy LeagueScout Scar7a+
CountachMill Side Scar7a+
Cement HeadChapel Head Scar7a+
WargamesChapel Head Scar7a+
Eraser Head/The True PathChapel Head Scar7b
Mid-air Collision / Flight PathChapel Head Scar7b
Electric WarriorChapel Head Scar7b
Super DupontChapel Head Scar7b
Phantom ZoneChapel Head Scar7b+
Stretchy PerineumChapel Head Scar7b+
A Song for EuropeChapel Head Scar7b+
Super Duper DupontChapel Head Scar7b+
Humphrey Hymen Met a Sly ManHumphrey Head7b+
Zantom PhoneChapel Head Scar7c+
Prime EvilChapel Head Scar7c+
Unrighteous DoctorsChapel Head Scar7c+