List of First Ascents

1952 Great Slab
FA. Alan Maskery 1952. FFA. Al Parker 1957
The Mall
FA. Pete Biven, Trevor Peck early 1950s (at A3!) FFA. Joe Brown 1957
1956 Cioch Corner
FA. Alan Clarke 1956
Close Shave
FA. Alan Clarke 1956
FA. Dave Johnson 1956. FFA. Tom Proctor 1975
Pinstone Street
FA. Dave Johnson 1956. FFA. (well almost) Al Evans 1969
FA. Jack Soper 1956
Covent Garden
FA. Peter Biven, Trevor Peck 1956
London Wall
FA. Trevor Peck 1956. FFA. John Allen 1975
Oxford Street
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Phil Burke 1969
Coventry Street
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Steve Bancroft, John Allen 1976
Jermyn Street
FA. Peter Biven, Trevor Peck 1956. FFA. Tom Proctor 1971
Shaftesbury Avenue
FA. Peter Biven, Trevor Peck 1956. FFA. Jim Campbell 1967
Petticoat Lane
FA. George Lever Loy 1956. One of the first routes in the quarry.
Bow Street
FA. Frank Fitzgerald (A2) 1956. FFA. Alan McHardy 1967
Great North Road
FA. Peter Biven, Trevor Peck 1956. FFA. Joe Brown 1957
1957 Plexity
FA. Joe Brown 1957
FA. John Loy (4 pegs) late 1950s. FFA. (Both ways) John Stevenson 1976
FA. Harold Drasdo 1957
Lyon's Corner House
FA. Kit Twyford, George Leaver 1957
Great West Road
FA. Dave Johnson 1957. FFA. Al Evans 1965
Regent Street
FA. Kit Twyford, George Leaver 1957. FFA. Terry King 1968
1959 Supra Direct
FA. Mike James 1959. FFA. (well almost) Pete Brayshaw 1975
Only Just
FA. Ernie Marshall 1959
1960 Hacklespur
FA. Alan Clarke 1960. FFA. John Loy (2nd man on the aided ascent) 1962
Remembrance Day
FA. Ted Howard 1960
Chiming Crack
FA. Alan Clarke c1960
1961 The Moronic Chippings
FA. Bruce Burton, Martin Stokes 1961
1962 Estremo
FA. Ted Howard early 1960s
Day Dream
FA. John Loy early 1960s
Rainy Day
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s
Saville Street
FA. Reg Pillinger early 1960s. FFA. John Allen 1975
April Arete
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s
FA. John Loy early 1960s
FA. Al Parker, Martin Boysen 1962
Wuthering Crack
FA. Alan Clarke, John Loy early 1960s. Named long before Drummond's Stanage masterpiece.
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s. FFA. Tom Proctor 1975
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s
Diamond Groove
FA. John Loy early 1960s
FA. Jack Soper early 1960s
FA. John Loy early 1960s
FA. John Loy early 1960s
Crusty Corner
FA. John Loy early 1960s
FA. John Loy early 1960s. FFA. Tom Proctor 1975
Sky Walk
FA. John Loy early 1960s
FA. Barry Ingle 1962
Watling Street
FA. Len Millsom early 1960s
1963 Crewcut
FA. Alan Clarke 1963
Great Portland Street
FFA. Alan Clarke 1963
Hell's Bells
FA. Alan Clarke 1963
FA. John Loy 1963
1964 Satan's Slit
FA. John Loy 1964
1967 Technical Master
FA. Keith Myhill late 1960s. FA. (One-handed) Johnny Dawes 1980s
1968 Quality Street
FA. Les Bonnington (as Blind Bat) 1968 FFA. Al Rouse, Phil Burke 1983
1969 Gates of Mordor
FA. Hank Pasquill 1969
1969 Bun Run
FA. Al Evans 1969
FA. Al Evans 1969
FFA. Paul Grayson 1969
FFA. Steve Chadwick 1969
Green Death
FA. Tom Proctor 1969. FWA. Tom Proctor early 1970s
FA. Keith Myhill, Al Evans 1969
FA. Dave Gregory 1969
FA. Paul Grayson (1pt) 1969 FFA. Al Evans 1969
FFA. Keith Myhill 1969
1973 Brimstone
FFA. Henry Barber 1973
1974 Xanadu Direct
FA. Hank Pasquill 1974
Edge Lane
FA. Alan McHardy 1974
Time For Tea Original
FA. Ken Wilkinson 1974
1975 Soho Sally
FA. Geoff Birtles 1975
March Hare
FA. Gabe Regan 1975
Great Arete
FA. Tom Proctor 1975
Embankment 1
FFA. John Allen 1975
Embankment 3
FFA. Ed Drummond 1975
Time For Tea
FA. Ed Drummond 1975
Embankment 4
FFA. Chris Addy 1975
The Whore
FA. Jim Reading 1975
1976 Gimbals
FA. Mick Fowler 1976
Mother's Pride
FA. (London Pride) Mick Fowler 1976. The top wall was climbed as Which Way Up Robitho by Paul Evans in 1988. Reclimbed as a single pitch up the bottom of LP and the top of WWUR by Mike Lea, 2001, and renamed Mother's Pride.
Cauldron Crack
FFA. Mick Fowler 1976
Dextrous Hare
FA. Martin Taylor 1976
Evening Premier
FA. Mick Fowler 1976
Stone Dri
FA. (1pt) John Regan 1976. FFA. Dave Humphries 1977
Blind Bat
FA. Mick Fowler 1976 Despite the name it covered little of the original Blind Bat.
White Wall
FFA. Steve Bancroft 1976
Piccadilly Circus
FFA. Steve Bancroft 1976
1977 The Sniveling Shits
FA. Jonathan Lagoe 1977
1978 Jealous Pensioner
FA. Jim Burton 1978
Street Legal
FA. Paul Cropper 1978
1981 Who Wants The World
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
1982 Sex Dwarves
FA. Mark Millar 1982
Scritto's Republic
FA. Ron Fawcett 1982
Tea for Two
FA. Ian Riddington 1982
The Rack
FA. Loz Francombe 1982
1983 Winter's Grip
FA. Neil Foster 1983
The Master's Edge
FA. Ron Fawcett December 1983
FA. Johnny Dawes 1983
Wall Street Crash
FA. Johnny Dawes 1983
1984 Perplexity
FA. Johnny Dawes 1984
Meeze Brugger
FA. Ron Fawcett 1984
Adam Smith's Invisible Hand
FA. Johnny Dawes 1984
Clock People
FA. Ron Fawcett 1984
1985 Adios Amigo
FA. Mark Leach 1985
The Hunter House Road Toad
FA. Mark Pretty 1985
1987 Under Doctor's Orders
FFA. Keith Sharples 1987
The Bad and the Beautiful
FA. Mark Leech 1987
Blood and Guts on Botty Street
FA. Allen Williams 1987
1988 The Trumpton Anarchist
FA. Paul Mitchell, Steve Wright 1988
1990 Breeze Mugger
FA. Paul Dearden 1990
1994 Elm Street
FA. Adrian Berry 1994
2000 Drifter
FA. Thomas de Gay 2000
2001 Top Loader
FA. Mike Lea 2001