List of First Ascents

1967 Jomo
FA. Stew Wilson, Rick Stallwood 1967. An early Trowbarrow ascent of Jomo that, along with Coral Sea, have become popular easier outings.
1968 Assagai
FA. Chris Eilbeck, Pete Lucas, Bill Lounds, Stew Wilson 1968. A well travelled route that was the first line to take on the challenge of the wall and discover the unusual flutings on its upper wall.
Coral Sea
FA. Stew Wilson, Miles Martin 1968
FA. Bill Lounds, Alan Greig 1968
Essence of a Giraffe
FA. Bill Lounds and team 1968
1972 Izzy the Push
FFA. Bill Lounds 1972
1973 A Touch of Class
FA. Ben Campbell-Kelly, Roger Treglown 1973
Jean Jeanie
FA. Alan Evans, John Horsfall 1973
FA. Ron Fawcett, John Heseltine 1973
1974 Sluice
FA. Bill Lounds, Pete Lucas 1974
1975 Warspite
FA. Bill Lounds, Paul Sanson 1975
1976 Javelin
FA. Pete Livesey, 1976
Sleeping Sickness
FA. Dave Hilton, Phil Garner 1976
1976 Sour Milk Groove
FA. Dave Cronshaw, Les Ainsworth, Bob MacMillan 1976
Cracked Actor
FA. Alan Evans, Dave Parker 1976
1977 Harijan
FA. Bill Lounds, Paul Sanson 1977
Hollow Earth
FA. Alan Evans, Bill Lounds 1977
Warspite Direct
FA. Bill Lounds, Paul Sanson 1977
Major Tom
FA. Andy Hyslop 1977
Nova Express
FFA. Bill Lounds 1977
1978 A Sense of Doubt
FA. Dave Knighton, Jim Arnold, John Girdley 1978. The first ascent of the blank wall beneath the traverse of Assagai.
FA. Dave Knighton 1978
1984 Doubting Thomas
FA. Dave Bates 1984
Scary Monsters
FA. Owen Jones, Steve Edmondson 1984
1985 Exequy
FA. Owain Jones 1985