List of First Ascents

1956 The Diedre
FA. J.Sumner, D.Alcock 1956. FFA. Pete Livesey, J.Sheard 1972
1961 Central Wall
FA. Al Austin, B.Fuller (Aid) 1961. FFA. P.Livesey, J.Sheard 1972
1964 Balas
FA. Dave Nicol, T.Salmon (Aid) 1964. FFA. Martin Berzins 1981
1965 The Superdirectissima
FA. D.Nicol, B.Palmer 1965. FFA. Rob Gawthorpe, P.Jackson
1967 Dihedral Wall
FA. Phil Webb, Paul Trower (aid) 1967 FFA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 1985
1975 Deja Vu
FA. Pete Gomersall, Jill Lawrence 1975. As an aid route which continued over the roof. FFA (Pitch 1). Ron Fawcett 1980
Dodger Direct
FA. Pete Gomersall 1975
1976 Claws
FA. Pete Livesey, J.Lawrence 1976
1980 Captain Tripps
FA. D.Knighton, B.Woodhouse 1980
1982 Face Value
FA. Martin Berzins, A.Cowell 1982
1984 Ground Effect
FA. Pete Gomersall 1984
FA. Pete Gomersall 1984
Zero Option
FA. Pete Gomersall 1984. The route name refers to the first ascensionist's feelings about the use of chipped holds. Since filled in and reclimbed and regraded.
White Rushin'
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden (Pitch 1) 1984 (Pitch2) 1985
The Overlap
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1984
Little Ernie
FA. Pete Gomersall 1984. Direct start I.Vickers 1998
1985 Metal Guru
FA. Ron Fawcett 1985
FA. Martin Berzins and others 1985
Nerve Ending
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1985
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey
FA. Pete Gomersall 1985. Originally a bold A5. Climbed without bolts by Martin Berzins 1987. The bolts have been in and out over the years but are now in and likely to stay.
Arch Rival
FA. Chris Sowden, Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 1985
Achilles Heel
FA. Gary Gibson 1985
FA. Bonny Masson, Pete Gomersall 1985
Jumping to Conclusions
FA. Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy 1985
Exponential Exhaustion
FA. Pete Gomersall 1985.
Altenative Optional Extra
FA. (Optional Extra) Martin Berzins and others 1985. Started slightly left as Alternative Option by Mark Radtke 2002. Extended as Extra Optional by Matt Triolett 2002.
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1985
Smooth Torquer
FA. Pete Gomersall, Dave Green 1985
1986 Open Road
FA. Greg Rimmer, Mick Ryan 1986
1987 Dreamtime
FA. Chris Sowden 1987.
Jump Leads
FA. M.Berzins, Chris Sowden 1987
The Thumb
FA. Pete Gomersall 1987
1988 Let Them Eat Jellybeans
FA. C.Smith, R.Smith 1988
Jumpin' and Squeakin'
FA. Martin Berzins, Tony Burnell 1988
Biological Need
FA. Mick Lovatt, Ian Horrocks 1988. A large wobbly jug went AWOL in the late 1990's and the grade went up to 8a. It has now been restored to its original grade by the addition of a similar large jug.
More Rhubarb Faster
FA. John Dunne 1988
1989 Bullet
FA. Pete Gomersall 1989
Man With a Gun
FA. Mick Johnson 1989
Hardy Annual
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 1989
Sticky Wicket
FA. Tony Burnell 1989
50 for 5
FA. Tony Burnell, Chris Sowden 1989
FA. A.Moss 1989
The Ashes
FA. Geoff Weigand 1989.
China Crisis
FA. Justin Vogler 1989. Extended in 2002 by Matt Triolett
Quiet Flight
FA. Tony Burnell 1989. Direct start added by Andy Moss 1989
The Yorkshire Ripper
FA. Dave Pegg 1989
Urgent Action
FA. Pete Gomersall 1989
FA. D.Sarkar 1989
1990 Sideshow
FA. A.Moss 1990
Private Practice
FA. Tony Mitchell 1990
1991 Rubble
FA. Chris Sowden 1991
FA. Steve Rhodes 1991
FA. Andy Moss 1991
Myra Hindley
FA. S.Roberts 1991
1992 Sidekick
FA. Tony Burnell 1992
FA. Tony Burnell 1992
FA. Pete Gomersall 1992
FA. A.Moss 1992
Massala Martyr
FA. Nick Sellars 1992 - Incorporates Rob Gawthorpe's English 7a start to Mistaken Identity from 1980!
The Vanilla Path
FA. Mick Lovatt 1992
They Brush Me
FA. I.Horrocks 1992
Grooved Arete
FA. Tony Mitchell 1992
1993 Witches Brew
FA. Tony Burnell 1993
FA. Dave Pegg 1993. FA. The Quick Fixe Ian Vickers
1994 Limerace
FA. N.Foster, M.Berzins 1994
FA. G. Desroy 1994
Soft Option
FA. Ian Horrocks 1994
FA. Tony Burnell 1994
FA. Chris Sowden 1994
1995 Progress
FA. J.Moffat 1995
1996 Cold Steal
FA. Steve Crowe 1996
All Out
FA. Neil Carson 1996
Sabbath's Theatre
FA. Martin Berzins 1996
1997 Brief Encounter
FA. Tony Mitchell 1997
1998 Metal Mickey
FA. I.Vickers 1998
Warlord Direct Start
FA. Gaz Parry 1998
La Connection
FA. I.Vickers 1998
1999 Next Direct
FA. D.Sarker 1999
FA. Mick Johnston 1999
The Truth Drug
FA. M.Triollet 1999
2000 Showtime
FA. Pete Gomersall 1989.
The Directissima
FA. (Pitch 1) Joe Brown 1953. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1975 - graded HVS! FA. (Pitch 2) R.Mosley and others 1957. R.Hields and R.Hirst climbed both pitches in 1957. FFA. See
FA. M.Leach 1988. Unrepeated for three years and still sees few
Northern Lights
FA. S.McClure 2000
2002 Indian Summer
FA. Steve Dunning 2002
Full Value
FA Steve Crowe 2002
Diminishing Returns
FA. Steve Crowe 2002
FA. Craig Entwistle 2002
Mr. Nice
FA. Matt Troilett 2002
Highway 395
FA. Craig Entwhistle 2002
The Jekyll
FA. Matt Troilett 2002
Silk Road
FA. Martin Berzins 2002
No More Jumping to Conclusions
FA. Martin Berzins 2002
Another Clip in the Wall
FA. Mark Radtke 2002
2006 Andrex
FA. Ben Reinsch 10.06