List of First Ascents

1967 Flimston Crack
FA. Colin Mortlock 28.5.67
Flimston Slab
FA. Colin Mortlock 28.5.67
Bow-Shaped Corner
FA. S.Williams 28.5.67
1970 Inset Slab
FA. Jim Perrin 21.5.70
Bow-Shaped Slab
FA. Jim Perrin 21.5.70
1979 Bloodstone
FA. C.Connick 6.5.79
1980 Wallbanger
FA. Pat Littlejohn 23.3.80
Razzle Dazzle
FA. Ken Wilson 4.4.80
FA. Jim Perrin 4.4.80
The Gadfly
FA. Dave Cook 5.4.80
Crystal Arete
FA. Brian Wyvill 5.4.80. It was once home to a magnificent 'sea cabbage' which was a useful hold on the upper section. Sadly this has now disappeared.
Hole in the Wall
FA. B.Wyvill, D.Cook 5.4.80
Sixth Crack
FA. Tim Daniells 6.4.80
1980 Brass in Pocket
FA. Jim Curran 7.4.80
Crystal Edge
FA. S.Whimster 4.80
FA. Steve Lewis, Gary Lewis 11.5.80
1981 Atlas
FA. J.Perrin 17.4.81
The Crucifix
FA. Paul Carling 17.4.81
1982 Sloose
FA. T.Thomas 10.4.82
1987 Bristol Cream
FA. Martin Crocker 25.5.87
1993 Digital Tapestry
FA. P.Donnithorne 23.3.93
Public Anenome
FA. Paul Pritchard 1993
1995 Paint by Numbers
FA. Paul Donnithorne, Emma Alsford 28.5.95
Mural Landscape
FA. Paul Donnithorne, Carl Ryan 28.5.95
2005 Fantastic Four
FA. D.Carroll 5.8.2005. Wrongly described for years and climbed by many in mistake thinking they were on Flimston Crack.