List of First Ascents

1979 Surprise Attack
FA. Steve Lewis, Charlie Heard 10.10.79
1980 Daydreams
FA. Ben Wintringham, Marion Wintringham, Jim Perrin 7.4.80
The Voyage Out
FA. Jim Perrin, Jim Curran 15.4.80
FA. Andy Parkin 4.80
1984 The Shining
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Lyndsey Foulkes 23.4.84
1985 Let Me Down Easy
FA. G.Gibson 9.3.85
Nearly a Whisper
FA. Gary Gibson, Matt Ward 6.4.85
1985 The Lure of the Sea
FA. Gary Gibson 3.7.85
Ambush at Bear Creek
FA. G.Gibson 4.7.85
1986 Lateral Bearings
FA. Gary Gibson, Hazel Gibson 8.6.86
By Popular Demand
FA. G.Gibson 8.6.86
Chartered Courses
FA. G.Gibson 6.7.86
1990 Try to Imagine Drowning
FA. G.Gibson 3.90
Nightmare on Lily Street
FA. G.Gibson 3.90