List of First Ascents

1980 Cripple Creek
FA. Charlie Heard 4.5.80
Too Much Pressure
FA. C.Curle 5.5.80
FA. R.Crockett 9.5.1980
FA. R.Crockett 9.5.1980
Too Little
FA. R.Crockett 10.5.1980
Over the Hill
FA. Smiler Cuthbertson 1980
FA. Ben Wintringham 15.6.80
Kramer vs Kramer
FA. Gary Lewis 15.6.80
Davy Crocket
FA. Andy Sharp 28.6.80
Anniversary Waltz
FA. Ben Wintringham 28.6.80
Downward Bound
FA. Ben Wintringham 9.8.80
1981 Atmospheric Tent
FA. M.Chapman 18.4.81
FA. Pat Littlejohn 19.4.81
1982 Under the Influence
FA. Nipper Harrison 25.4.82
1982 Heat of the Moment
FA. Nipper Harrison 22.5.82
Chasing Shade
FA. Nipper Harrison 9.82
FA. Nipper Harrison 9.82
1983 Out for the Count
FA. Steve Monks 23.4.83
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.83
1984 Vengeance
FA. Pat Littlejohn 7.6.84
Atmospheric Tent Direct
FA. S.Blackman 1984
1990 Barbecuing Traditions
FA. Gary Gibson 23.3.90
Black Man Ray
FA. Gary Gibson 25.3.90
Wishful Thinking
FA. Gary Gibson 25.3.90
Tragedy and Mystery
FA. Gary Gibson 25.3.90
Critical Masses
FA. Gary Gibson 26.3.90
2000 Daze of the Weak
FA. Frank Thompson 11.6.00
Dead Choughed
FA. Steve Monks 25.6.00