List of First Ascents

1959 Clubfoot
FA. Alan Austin, Jennifer Ruffe 1959
FA. Alan Austin 1959
1961 Ivy Corner
FA. Alan Austin and friends 1961
Terrace Wall
FA. Alan Austin, Brian Fuller 1961. FA. (Direct) Tony Burnell 1983
Crossbones/East Wall
FA. (East Wall) Alan Austin, Brian Evans 1961. They used 1pt of aid on the weird first pitch.
Kirkby Wall
FA. Alan Austin, Brian Evans 1961
The Kylin
FA. TB.Evans, Al Evans, L.Howarth 1961
Pikedaw Wall
FA. Alan Austin, Brian Evans 1961
FA. Alan Austin and friends 1961
1964 Mulatto Wall
FA. R.Brown, M.White (aid) 1964. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1972
FA. Robin Barley, Dennis Gray 1964
1965 Carnage
FA. Tony and Robin Barley (2pts) 1965. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1979
1966 The Cavern
FA. Tony Barley, Chas Hurd 1966
1967 Carnage Left-hand
FA. Tony and Robin Barley (1pt) 1967. FFA. Unknown
FA. Tony and Robin Barley (1pt) 1967. FFA. Pete Livesey 1970s and given VS!
1970 Sundance Wall
FA. Alan Austin, Frank Wilkinson (1pt) 1970. FFA. Unknown.
1971 Problem Wall
FA. Ron Fawcett 1971
Doubting Thomas
FA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard (2pts) 1971. FFA. Ron Fawcett 1979
1972 Cove Crack
FA. Ron Fawcett 1972
Midnight Cowboy
FA. John Syrett, Brian Hall (1pt) 1972. FFA. Unknown
Junkyard Angel
FA. Mick Hillas, Martin Berzins 1972
1973 Limehill
FA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard 1973
Slender Loris
FA. Ron Fawcett (1pt) 1973 FFA. Ron Fawcett 1979
1978 Butch Cassidy
FA. Ron Fawcett 1978
Friday the 13th
FA. Ron Fawcett 1978
FA. Ron Fawcett 1978
1980 Bad Brain
FA. Dave Knighton, Dave Cronshaw 1980
1982 Gorgan Direct
FA. (Gorgon) Martin Atkinson, Roy Healey, Steve Judson 1982.
Wild West Hero
FA. Neil Foster, Nick Wharton, Leo Hermacinski 1982
Swift Attack
FA. Neil Foster, Leo Hermacinski 1982
New Dawn Fades
FA. Neil Foster, A.Clarke (1pt) 1982. FFA. A.Clarke 1982
El Coronel
FA. Martin Atkinson, Barry Rawlinson, Nick Unsworth 1982
Wind and Wuthering
FA. Jerry Peel, Ashley Cowell 1982
1983 Chasing the Dragon
FA. Pete Gomersall 1983
1984 Yosemite Wall
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1984 FA. Phil Webb (A3) 1969
FA. Ron Fawcett 1984
New Dawn
FA. Ron Fawcett 1984
Free and Even Easier
FA. Iain Vincent 1984. The first section of the aid route Superdirectissima.
FA. Steve Lewis 1984. The infamous run-out at the top has undergone several changes in its life. Currently it is a good bit less scary than it has been but it is still enough to get you thinking.
Main Overhang
FA. Rob Gawthorpe 1984
Seventh Toad
FA. Steve Lewis, Mark Pretty 1984
Free and Easy
FA. Ben Moon 1984. Pitch 2 of the old aid route The Superdirectissima.
1985 Space Race
FA. Martin Berzins, Graham Desroy, Dave Green 1985
FA. Ron Fawcett 1985. Malham's first 8a and also one of the first in the UK. A magnificent effort which has stood the test of time. "Nearly 8a+" Steve McClure - OTE 2003.
Chiselling the Dragon
FA. Mark Leach, Craig Smith 1985. This is the first section of the old aid route - The Directissima (hence the extra polish).
Seventh Aardvark
FA. Paul Pritchard 1985
Rated PG
FA. Dave Kenyon 1985.
Local Hero
FA. Martin Atkinson 1985
Soft Centre
FA. Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1985
FA. Mark Leach 1985
The Last Waltz
FA. Graham Desroy, Ashley Cowell 1985
Duck Dive
FA. Graham Desroy, Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1985
1986 Appetite
FA. Greg Rimmer, Mick Ryan 1986
Obligatory Finish
FA. Dave Humberstone 1986
FA. Martin Berzins, Paul Greenland, Tony Burnell 1986
The Minimum
FA. Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1986
The Maximum
FA. John Dunne 1986
FA. Dave Kenyon 1986
Consenting Adults
FA. Mick Ryan 1986. FA. (Thriller) Pete Gomersall
Bongo Fury
FA. Mick Ryan, Tim Clifford 1986
Something Stupid
FA. Chris Sowden, Mark Speedborough 1986
Chocolate Logger
FA. Dave Humberstone, Julian Short 1986
Wasted Youth
FA. Dave Humberstone, Julian Short 1986
Rose Coronary
FA. Tony Burnell and others 1986
FA. Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins, Dave Green 1986
Just Another Dead End Job
FA. Greg Rimmer, Mick Ryan, Mick Lovatt 1986
A Career with Prospects
FA. Dave Barton 1986
Extra Over
FA. Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins, Chris Sowden 1986
Bolt Revolt
FA. Tony Burnell, Mick Ryan 1986
FA. Tony Burnell, Martin Berzins 1986
FA. Steve Rhodes, Paul Pritchard 1986.
Brooklyn Girls
FA. Malc Haslam, Ron Marsden 1986
FA. Malc Haslam 1986
Begozi and the Ledge Lizards
FA. Greg Rimmer 1986
1986 Skyjack
FA. Mark Leach, Martin Berzins 1986
Snidely Whiplash
FA. Mick Ryan 1986.
Dudley D-Good
FA. Chris Sowden 1986
FA. Martin Berzins, Richard Davies, Tony Burnell 1986
Crash Dive
FA. Martin Berzins 1986
L'Ob Session
FA. Craig Smith 1986
The Last Toad
FA. Steve Lewis 1986
Donald Ducked
FA. Steve Rhodes, Martin Berzins, 1986
1987 Baboo-Baboo
FA. Steve Rhodes 1987
FA. John Dunne 1987
Magnetic Fields
FA. John Dunne 1987
Connect 4
FA. Dave Humberstone 1987
Personal Services
FA. John Dunne 1987
Redpoint No Point
FA. Dave Humberstone 1987
Betty Bullwhip
FA. Dave Humberstone 1987.
FA. Chris Gore 1987
1988 Twisted
FA. Mick Lovatt 1988. Mick didn't place a lower-off to keep with the tradition, established by Dunne, of taking the Hawaiian 5-0 descent, only this time it was nearer 7-0 and it hurt.
FA. Pete Gomersall 1988
Well Dunne Finish
FA. John Dunne 1988. On the first ascent there was no lower-off so JD established the tradition of the 'Hawaii 5-0' descent - just let go and take the lob onto the top bolt (50 refers to the 50m fall this involved).
Cry Freedom
FA. Mark Leach 1988. A superb ascent after many day's of effort to produce a route as hard as any in the World at the time.
Austrian Oak
FA. John Dunne 1988
Overnite Sensation
FA. Paul Ingham 1988
Totally Free
FA. John Dunne 1988. An amazing achievment!
The Groove
FA. John Dunne 1988. On-sight flashed by Simon Nadin in 1990.
Local Roof
FA. John Dunne 1988
FA. Jason Myers 1988
Breach of the Peace
FA. John Dunne 1988
Serious Young Toads
FA. Dave Pegg 1988
1989 Henry's Route
FA. Ian Horrocks 1989
Bat Route
FA. Mark Leach 1989
FA. Dave Pegg 1989
FA. Paul Ingham 1989
1990 Just Not in Lust
FA. Justin Vogler 1990
FA. Mick Lovatt 1990. Wrongly known as 'In Vogue' for many years.
Energy Vampire
FA. Mick Lovatt 1990
Hartley Hare
FA. John Hartley 1990
Toadal Recall
FA. Al Murray 1990
The Toad of Beck Hall
FA. Andy Moss 1990
Toad Licker
FA. Nigel Pedley 1990
1991 G.B.H.
FA. Tony Mitchell 1991
Burning Rubber Necklace
FA. Mick Ryan 1991. Extension - Soweto Sunset - John Hartley 1994
1992 Brilliant, Brilliant
FA. Mick Ryan 1992. Originally called 'Skip to my Loo', which may seem a more appropriate name to many.
FA. Matthew Nuttall 1992
The New Age Traveller
FA. Steve Judson, Dean Eastham, Mark Penny 1992
FA. Dean Eastham, Steve Judson 1992
1993 Unjustified
FA. Tony Mitchell 1993. Done with a sica hold by Nic Sellars in 1992
The Angel Gabriella
FA. John Hartley 1993
FA. Tony Burnell 1993. Extended by Dave Musgrove 1995.
The Man and the Myth
FA. Steve Judson, Dean Eastham 1993
1994 Mid Ledge Spread
FA. Ian Horrocks 1994
Vociferous Fledglings
FA. John Hartley 1994.
1995 Total Eclipse
FA. John Dunne 1995
1996 Against the Grain
FA. Steve Crowe, Karin Magog 1996
Power Ranger
FA. Tony Mitchell 1996
The Scene of the Crime
FA. Dave Musgrove 1996
The Moon's Apprentice
FA. Dean Eastham, Steve Judson 1996
Rive Gauche
FA. Martin Berzins 1996
1997 Queen of Hearts
FA. Mick Lovatt 1997
FA. Mick Lovatt 1997
Conceptual Continuity
FA. Mick Lovatt 1997
FA. Mick Lovatt 1997
1998 Wicked Gravity
FA. Mick Lovatt 1998
FA. Mick Lovatt 1998
2000 Space Invaders
FA. Mick Johnston, Matt Troillet 2000
Hands of Time
FA. Barry Rawlinson 2000
Mule Variations
FA. Mick Lovatt 2000
FA. Malcolm Smith 2000
Climb of the Century
FA. Mick Lovatt 2000
2002 Minimum Fuss
FA. Gareth Parry 2002
Victor Hugo
FA. Gareth Parry 2002
2003 Mighty Fine Ass
FA. Mick Johnston 2003
The Highlife
FA. Matt Triolett 2003
FA. Steve McClure 2003
Toadally Cool
FA. Mick Lovatt 2003