List of First Ascents

1978 Shape-Up
FA. Alec Sharpe 17.6.78
FA. Alec Sharpe 2.9.78
FA. (Slap-Up) Alec Sharpe 3.9.78.FA. (Fitz-In) Dave Viggers 8.4.89
FA. Alec Sharpe 3.9.78
1979 Bloody Sunday
FA. Alec Sharpe 15.7.79
1983 Fitzcarraldo
FA. Gary Gibson 8.4.83
Mythical Monster
FA. Gary Gibson, Andy Hudson 28.5.83
Quiet Waters Direct
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.83
1984 The Minotaur
FA. Jon de Montjoye 7.1.84
The Monster Mash
FA. Gary Gibson 10.3.84
The Beast from the Undergrowth
FA. Gary Gibson 19.3.84
The Pulsebeat
FA. Gary Gibson 20.3.84
Head Hunter
FA. Pat Littlejohn 31.3.84
Witch Hunt
FA. Pat Littlejohn 3.4.84
Darkness at Noon
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Tony Penning 15.4.84
Specimen Hunter
FA. Gary Gibson 20.4.84
The Honey Monster
FA. Gary Gibson 23.4.84
Just Another Day
FA. Gary Gibson 27.4.84
Scorch the Earth
FA. Perry Hawkins 27.4.84
Terminal Twilight
FA. Pat Littlejohn 28.4.84. The hardest route climbed in the UK without chalk? Probably only one repeat in 25 years!
The White Hotel
FA. Pat Littlejohn 6.5.84.This route marked a change in style for Pat - he started using chalk, hence the name.
Meet the Monster Tonight
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.84
Moving Away from the Pulsebeat
FA. Gary Gibson 30.5.84
The Witching Hour
FA. Gary Gibson 1.6.84
1985 Snake Charmer
FA. Gary Gibson 26.3.85
Magazine People
FA. Nick Dixon 10.4.85
FA. Gary Gibson 2.7.85
1986 Monsterosity
FA. Gary Gibson 23.2.86
Monster Modello
FA. G.Gibson 8.3.86
1987 Half Man, Half Beast
FA. Gary Gibson 3.5.87
Light at the End of the Runnel
FA. Martin Crocker 4.5.87. Original done with a peg at E5.
FA. Martin Crocker 10.5.87. DW soloed onsight by James McHaffie.
The Ducking Stool
FA. Crispin Waddy 10.5.87
Little Hunt
FA. Gary Gibson 24.5.87
Monster-growth from the Underbeast
FA. G.Gibson 24.5.87
Nothing to Fear
FA. Martin Crocker 5.7.87. Repeated onsight by Ian Vickers!
The Black Lagoon
FA. Gary Gibson 5.7.87
Release the Bats
FA. Crispin Waddy 7.87
FA. Martin Crocker 26.7.87
1988 Compulsion
FA. Gary Gibson 5.5.88
1991 The Subterranean
FA. Gary Gibson 6.7.91
1993 Vladimir on the Rocks
FA. Paul Donnithorne 15.5.93
1995 Woeful
FA. George Smith 16.4.95
Boat to Naxos
FA. Andy Donson 4.6.95. Originally done on bolts by Gary Gibson.
1998 Chupacabra
FA. Ben Bransby 16.5.98
2006 Theseus
FA Dave Pickford (unseconded) 2006
2008 Wicked Witch of the West
FA. Dave Pickford, Nic Sellers 8.08
2010 Dusk Till Dawn
FA. Dave Pickford 31.8.2010