List of First Ascents

1980 Sunlover
FA. Nick Colton 5.4.80
Fulmar Pants
FA. J.Jones, Dick Turnbull 26.4.80
FA. Pat Littlejohn 30.4.80.FA. (Direct) Gary Gibson 16.3.86. It originally moved left along the big break to where Boss Hogg now finishes.This version is also worth E5.
1981 Storm Trooper
FA. M.Butler 23.5.81
Gypsy Lane
FA. Richard Crewe 1981
Trevallen Pillar
FA. Jon de Montjoye, Ian Parsons 20.6.81
Dinkum Wall
FA. Ian Parsons, Jon de Montjoye 20.6.81
Endangered Species
FA. J.deMontjoye 5.12.81
The Mercenary
FA. Jon de Montjoye 5.12.81
1982 Dogs of Hoare
FA. Jon de Montjoye 20.3.82
Soldier of Fortune
FA. Jon de Montjoye 21.3.82
High Pressure
FA. Jon de Montjoye 18.4.82
The Bitch
FA. Pat Littlejohn 21.4.82
FA. Jon de Montjoye 2.5.82
Dead Ringer
FA. Jon de Montjoye 26.6.82
Yellow Pearls
FA. Ron Fawcett 7.82
Boss Hogg
FA. Ron Fawcett 7.82
Enter the Goat
FA. Jon de Montjoye 17.7.82
Reach for the Sky
FA. Nipper Harrison 15.8.82
FA. Jon de Montjoye 15.11.82
FA. J.deMontjoye 20.11.82
1983 Ships that Pass in the Night
FA. Gary Gibson 30.4.83
Fascist Groove Thang
FA. A.Hudson, G.Gibson 1.6.83
Dead as a Dodo
FA. R.Anderson 21.10.83
1984 The Honeymoon Killers
FA. Gary Gibson 19.3.84
Hands of the Hunter
FA. Rab Anderson 19.4.84
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.84
Man from Uncle
FA. Gary Gibson 29.5.84
The Good People
FA. G.Gibson 30.5.84
1984 Fat Finger Exercise
FA. Gary Gibson 1.6.84
FA. Steve Lewis 10.6.84
1985 Orange Robe Burning
FA. Gary Gibson 11.3.85
Private Schultz
FA. Gary Gibson 11.3.85
Brown Bess
FA. Gary Gibson 11.3.85
Youth on Fire
FA. Gary Gibson 24.3.85
FA. Gary Gibson 27.3.85
Pearl Powder
FA. Gary Gibson 9.4.85
Physical Jerks
FA. Gary Gibson 10.4.85
Abandon Ship
FA. Gary Gibson 15.6.85
FA. G.Gibson 2.7.85
1986 Perth Pink
FA. Doug Hall 15.3.86
1987 I Saw
FA. G.Gibson 17.3.87
Medium Sliced
FA. G.Gibson 24.9.87
The Emotional See-Saw of the Infertility Clinic
FA. P.Donnithorne 26.9.87
Justice of the Peace
FA. G.Gibson 27.9.87
1988 Goats that Go Gnash in the Night
FA. Paul Donnithorne 3.1.88
The Energy Funnel
FA. Paul Donnithorne 5.1.88
Travellin' Man
FA. Gary Gibson 16.1.88
The Coriolis Affair
FA. Paul Donnithorne, T.Mean 26.1.88
The Fascist and Me
FA. Gary Gibson 26.2.88
Just Another Dog
FA. Gary Gibson 6.3.88
Neo-fascist Roof Thing
FA. G.Gibson 4.4.88
Smash the Bass
FA. P.Oxley 10.4.88
Breaking the Habit
FA. Pete Oxley 5.88. First climbed from the start of Romany with two bolts. The direct version described, without the bolts, had a peg and a spike but these have disappeared making it bolder.
Napoleon Bone Apart
FA. G.Gibson 6.6.88
1989 Two Fat Ladies
FA. G.Gibson 3.1.89
1990 Fortune Cookie
FA. Gary Gibson 3.90. Originally it was climbed with drilled gear, this was removed and the route re-climbed.
1992 Not Tonight Josephine
FA. G.Gibson 7.92