List of First Ascents

1981 Calisto
FA. Pete Finklaire 18.4.81
FA. Richard Crewe 18.4.81
1982 Brave New World
FA. Pat Littlejohn 30.4.82
Body Language
FA. Pat Littlejohn 30.4.82
First Blood
FA. Pat Littlejohn 30.4.82
The Savage
FA. Pat Littlejohn 14.5.82
FA. Jon de Montjoye 23.5.82
Flesh and Blood
FA. Lyndsey Foulkes 24.5.82
Whispering Wind
FA. Lyndsey Foulkes 25.5.82
Round the Horn
FA. Nipper Harrison 3.7.82
Ghostly Galleon
FA. Nipper Harrison 4.7.82
Forbidden Fruits
FA. Jon de Montjoye 17.7.82
FA. Jon de Montjoye 18.7.82
1983 Silent Running
FA. Steve Monks 1983
1984 The Vicar's Goat
FA. Damo Carroll 7.84
Mother India
FA. Keith Sharples 31.10.84
1985 Just an Illusion
FA. Gary Gibson, S.Whalley 9.4.85
Vision On
FA. Gary Gibson 3.7.85
Rear Wind
FA. Tony Sawbridge 8.85
1986 Juicy Lucy
FA. Pat Littlejohn 1.4.86
Howling Gale
FA. Alun Richardson 5.86
White Rhino
FA. Pat Littlejohn 20.5.86
Black Rambo
FA. Pat Littlejohn 20.5.86
Sea Fever
FA. Pat Littlejohn 22.5.86
Out There
FA. P.Littlejohn 23.5.86
FA. Pat Littlejohn 23.5.86
Adam's Rib
FA. Bill Lounds 7.6.86
In Your Dreams
FA. Lyndsey Foulkes, D.Meek 6.86
1988 Quiet Please
FA. G.Gibson 9.6.88
Mud Pie in Your Eye
FA. Gary Gibson 9.6.88
Blood and Flesh
FA. Damo Carroll 12.6.88
1992 Hidden Secrets
FA. Emma Alsford 4.7.92