List of First Ascents

1967 Sea Groove
FA. J.Rees-Jones, John Cleare 3.67
1968 The Meridian
FA. Jim Perrin 23.12.68
The Cracks
FA. Lyn Noble 31.12.68
1969 Eight Gauge
FA. Colin Mortlock 20.3.69
FA. Colin Mortlock 20.8.69
1970 The Strait Gate
FA. Jim Perrin 26.8.70
Joyous Gard
FA. Jim Perrin 30.8.70
1972 Wraith
FA. Jim Perrin 9.72. When first climbed this was a fine jamming crack at HVS. A huge rockfall removed the right-hand side of the crack to turn it into the harder arete climb that it is today.
1975 Herod
FA. Pat Littlejohn 5.75
Deep Space
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Dave Garner 5.75. FA. (FAF) Pat Littlejohn 1.12.77
1976 Brazen Buttress
FA. Pat Littlejohn 4.76
Rock Idol
FA. Pat Littlejohn 5.76
1977 Star Gate
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Nipper Harrison 3.77. FA. (WG) Kim Carrigan
Warp Factor
FA. Pat Littlejohn 31.7.77
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Nipper Harrison 13.8.77
FA. Nipper Harrison 13.8.77
1978 Threadneedle Street
FA. Richard Crewe 25.3.78
FA. Nipper Harrison 25.3.78
Mother Night
FA. Pat Littlejohn 7.4.78
1979 Hyperspace
FA. Pat Littlejohn 6.5.79
Tiger Tiger
FA. Pat Littlejohn 18.7.79
1980 White Heat
FA. Pete Whillance 9.4.80
1981 Inner Space
FA. M.Harris, C.Powell 18.4.81
1982 The Great White
FA. Ron Fawcett 7.82
1983 Dog Nobbler
FA. Andy Gronowski 6.83
1984 Petit Blanc
FA. Steve Lewis 1984
1985 Killer White
FA. Tony Mitchell 24.9.85
1986 Beat Surrender
FA. Andy Sharp 8.86
FA. Andy Sharp 2.9.86
1987 Sackless
FA. S.Ferguson 13.4.87
1987 Talk's Cheap
FA. Gary Gibson 28.5.87
FA. Gary Gibson 28.5.87. The original line started to the right and followed the wider cracks on the right in its upper section.
Fireball XL5
FA. Gary Gibson 28.5.87
FA. Gary Gibson 12.7.87
1989 Unconscious
FA. Gary Gibson 24.3.89
1990 Alien World/Blind Vision
FA. (AW) Clark Alston, Frank Ramsay 23.4.90,FA. (BV) Paul Donnithorne, 12.5.96
FSA. Crispin Waddy 1990's
The Anti Matterhorn
FA. Andy Long, Crispin Waddy 1990's
Alien World Direct
FA. Frank Ramsay, Dave Turnbull 30.6.90
1991 Just Klingon
FA. Gary Gibson 28.4.91
The One-Eyed Man
FSA. Crispin Waddy 1991
The One-eyed Man
FA. Crispin Waddy 1991
FA. Steve Monks 17.6.91
FA. Paul Donnithorne 30.8.91. Via the direct start through the arch. The version here was done while checking for the guide.
FA. Paul Donnithorne, Emma Alsford 30.8.91
1992 Karma Waters
FA. Dave Viggers 4.92
Narrow Carriage
FA. Paul Donnithorne 4.92
1994 The Laughing Hygena
FA. George Smith 4.94
2003 The Blind Man's Traverse
FSA. Adam Wainwright 2003
2005 Snobs
FSA. Julian Lines 30.8.2005
White Fang
FSA. Julian Lines 31.8.2005
El Lobo
FSA. Julian Lines 31.8.2005
FSA. Julian Lines 1.9.2005
Toffee Nose
FSA. Julian Lines 1.9.2005
Deep Water Alien
FSA. Julian Lines 1.9.2005
Toffee Nose
FA. Julian Lines 1.9.2005
FSA. Julian Lines 3.9.2005
The Abyss
FSA. Julian Lines 11.9.2005
The Abyss
FA. Julian Lines (solo) 11.9.2005
2006 The Anti Matterhorn
FSA. Julian Lines 9.9.2006