List of First Ascents

1967 St Gregory the Wonder Worker
FA. Mark Springett, Peter Biven 5.11.1967
1968 Acheron
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Ed Grindley, John Taylor 27.1.1968
The Mitre
FA. Frank Cannings, Peter Biven, Pat Littlejohn 1968<br>FFA. Steve Bell, Bruce Woodley 1979
FA. Pat Littlejohn, John Hammond 22.12.1968
1969 Tiny Tim
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Ed Grindley, John Hammond 2.2.69
1976 Cocytus
FFA. Pat Littlejohn, Dave Garner 31.5.1976
1977 Crook Bruce
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Charles Wand-Tetley 14.4.77
1983 Blonde Bombshell
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Tony Penning 29.5.1983
1984 Dumb Blonde
FA. Chris Nicholson, Nick White 4.3.84
Big Jim
FA. Chris Nicholson, Ian Day 1.4.84
Devonshire Cream
FA. Chris Nicholson, Nick White 2.4.1984
American Express
FA. Chris Nicholson, Nick White 5.1984
1985 Torbay or Not Torbay
FA. Chris Nicholson 9.85
1986 The Lumpy Universe
FA. Chris Nicholson 3.1986
Just Revenge
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 4.5.86
Mitre Direct
FA. Martin Crocker 5.5.86
1987 Timeless Skies
FA. Paul Donnithorne, Tessa Meen 18.2.87
Cry Creamdom
FA. Nick White 1987
Sole Fusion
FA. Nick White 1987
Cream Topping
FA. Nick White 22.7.87
The Creaming Dream
FA. Nick White 1.11.87
The Lynch
FA. Nick White 7.11.1987
FA. Nick White 7.11.87
1988 Empire of the Sun
FA. Nick White, Pete Bull, Andy Turner 3.88
The Mightier
FA. Martin Crocker 3.4.88
Heathen Man
FA. Martin Crocker 8.5.88
1988 More Steam, Bigger Women
FA. Nick White 30.5.88
How the Mighty Fall
FA. Nick White, Mike Barnes 6.6.1988
Time Bandits
FA. Nick White, Dave Thomas 10.6.88
End of an Era
FA. Nick White, Dave Thomas 10.6.88
The Shroud
FA. Dave Turnbull, Andy Grieve 18.7.88
La Crème
FA. Nick White 7.12.1988
1989 Might and Main
FA. Nick White, Bruce Woodley 1.6.89
Sun of Righteousness
FA. Dave Thomas 2.6.89
FA. Nick White 4.6.89
Peak 8b
FA. Ken Palmer 10.89
1990 The Waffle Supremacy
FA. Dave Thomas 1990
FA. Ken Palmer 22.11.1990
1991 Avant-garde
FA. Nick White 4.91
Blazing Apostles
FA. Nick White, Mark Campbell 4.91
A Fisherman's Tale
FA. Ken Palmer 2.6.1991
The Mightiest
FA. Jon Gandy 6.91
1992 Uzi in My Pocket
FA. Mark Campbell 11.92
1993 Empire Direct
FA. Pete Oxley 3.93
1994 Poppy
FA. Ken Palmer 25.3.94
1996 Postman Pat
FA. Ken Palmer 1996
Pet Cemetery
FA. Mark Campbell 1996
2002 Tuppence Ha'penny
FA. Ken Palmer 2002
Boy George
FA. Ken Palmer 2002
2003 Brian
FA. Ken Palmer 2003
The Cider Soak
FA. Ken Palmer 2003
Cocytus, More Steam Connection
FA. Mark Glaister 2003