List of First Ascents

1923 Wogs
FA. I.B.Prowse 1923
1960 Sarcophagus
FA. Tom Patey 1960
Never On A Sunday
FA. D.Bassett 1960
Barn Owl Crack
FA. Tom Patey, R.Grant, S.Bemrose 7.1960
FA. Nev Hannaby, Tom Patey 7.1960
FA. Nev Hannaby, Eric Rayson 9.1960
Inkerman Groove
FA. Eric Rayson, Nev Hannaby 11.60
The Slot
FA. Nev Hannaby 11.1960
Guy Fawkes Crack
FA. Nev Hannaby, Eric Rayson 11.1960
1961 Reek
FA. Eric Rayson, B.Waistell, Nev Hannaby 1.1961
Machete Wall
FA. Eric Rayson 3.61
Great Western
FA. Nev Hannaby, Eric Rayson 6.1961
1962 Combined Ops
FA. Peter Biven, Barrie Biven, Cliff Fishwick, Jim Braven 7.1962
FA. Barrie Biven, Jim Braven 7.1962
Stalactite Direct
FA. Pete Biven, Jim Braven 7.1962
1964 Greenmantle
FA. J.Brooks 1964
1965 The Spider
FA. Frank Cannings, Peter Biven 14.2.1965
FA. Ian McMorrin, W.Reilly 2.65
FA. F.Cannings 1965
Seventh Veil Direct
FA. c.1960s
The Fly
FA. F.Cannings 1965
1968 Twang
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Ed Grindley 30.6.1968
1971 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
FFA. Pete Leedell 2.1971
FA. Pat Littlejohn, Steve Jones 2.9.71
1978 Hot Ice
FA. Kev Buckley 10.1978
1979 Gagool Direct
FA. S.Bell 1979
1982 Black Death
FFA. Pat Littlejohn 1982
1984 Major Tom
FA. Chris Nicholson 13.4.1984
1985 Mortality Crisis
FA. Nick White, George Szuca 4.5.1985
White Life
FA. Nick White, Pete Bull 30.6.1985
1986 Grim Reaper
FA. Nick White, Dick Thorns 10.5.1986
1987 Harvestman
FA. Robbie Warke, Rik Meek 1987