List of First Ascents

1975 Born Free
FA. Ed Cleasby, Cliff Brown, Mike Lynch 1975 FAA. Frank Booth, Jim Duff, Mick Goff 1960-62
1982 Ivy League
FA. Tom Walkington 1982. The first modern route at Scout Scar.
1985 Born to Run
FA. Jim Bird, Dave Seddon 1985
First Blood
FA. Paul Carling, Mark Glaister 1985. The modern development of Scout Scar gets underway.
1986 A Fistful of Steroids
FA. Jim Bird 1986
Beers for Fears
FA. Dave Seddon 1986
Crimes of Passion
FA. Jim Bird, Frank Booth 1986
Grave New World
FA. Dave Seddon, Jim Bird 1986
Kathleen's Nightmare
FA. Nick Conway 1986
Sylvester Strange
FA. Jim Bird 1986. Jim signs off from new routing at Scout Scar with a desperate contribution.
Telegraph Road
FA. Paul Carling, Mark Glaister 1986
Grass Roots
FA. Glen Sutcliffe 1986
1986 Spectral Wizard/Bar Six
FA. Jim Bird, Frank Booth 1986
A Vision of Things Gone Wild
FA. Tony Mitchell, Dave Bates 1986
Idle Times
FA. Dave Bates 1986
Poetry in Commotion
FA. Jim Bird 1986
1987 9 1/2 Weeks
FA. Jim Bird 1987
1991 Ropearse
FA. Stuart Halford 1991
Leather Pets
FA. Andy Hyslop 1991
Poetry in Motion
FA. Andy Tilney 1991
1992 Born Again
FA. Jim Bird 1992
Meet the Wife
FA. Mark Lardner 1992
1993 Bornville
FA. Stuart Halford 1993