List of First Ascents

1910 1910 ruta
FA. CW Rubenson, AB Bryn, F Shcjelderup 1910
1914 Råna
FA. Arild Meyer and Finn Tore Bjørnstad made the first ascent of the route in four and a half hours on.6.14, 1978. They used one point of aid (for a rest) on Pitch 7 - but typically still gave the pitch a rating of 5+!
1938 Baksida
FA. (P1) G Santesson, E Tjerneld 1938 (P2) Bjørn Bommen, B Lyche 1928
1947 Forsida
FA. W Höyer, A Krane 1947 FA. The West Wall Finish, B Bommen, B Lyche 1928
1970 Vegetarianeren
FA. The story goes that two Scottish climbers made the first ascent, in extremely bad weather, in the mid-1970. In 2008 Gordon Thompson reported that Newcastle University students did a new route on face of Goat around 67-68 possibly led by J Pearson.
1985 Kirkegårdsrisset
FA. Kjell Arne Andreassen 1980s FFA. Robert Caspersen 2003
1993 Englevinger
FA. Ed Webster, Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik 1993