List of First Ascents

1974 The Veil
FA. Les Ainsworth, Dave Cronshaw 1974
FA. Les Ainsworth, Dave Cronshaw 1974
Sun God
FA. Dave Cronshaw, Les Ainsworth 1974
FA. Ron Fawcett, Al Evans, Dave Parker 1974. Ron Fawcett puts Chapel Head on the national map with the ascent of the much respected Moonchild. Moonchild has gradually drifted up the grades from E2.
FA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard 1974
1975 Cyborg
FA. Ed Cleasby, Mike Lynch 1975
1977 Gully Wall
FA. Bill Lounds, Paul Sanson 1977
Half Life Direct
FA. Of origional line Ed Cleasby, Ian Postlewaite 1977
1978 War of the Worlds
FA. Ron Fawcett 1978
1979 Strongbow
FA. Iain Greenwood, Al Phizacklea 1979
Interstellar Overdrive
FA. Dave Cronshaw, Dave Knighton 1979. One of the early modern routes and now the most popular mid-grade line at the crag.
The Omega Factor
FA. Dave Knighton, Dave Cronshaw 1979
FA. Ed Cleasby 1979. Ed Cleasby breaches the awesome Great Buttress with the help of the very bendy but convenient tree.
1983 The Route of All Evil
FA. George Smith, Al Phizacklea 1983. A major contribution from George Smith who later left the area for North Wales
1984 Up Town
FA. Gary Gibson 1984
1985 Gully Wall Variation
FA. Dave Bates 1985
Winter Pincher
FA. Tom Walkington, Dave Bates 1985
FA. Dave Bates, Tom Walkington 1985
Comedy Show
FA. Dave Bates, Tom Walkington 1985
Bleep and Booster
FA. Steve Hubbard 1985
Darth Vadar
FA. Tony Mitchell 1985
FA. Al Phizacklea 1985
Perverse Pepere
FA. Paul Cornforth, Pat McVey. Al Phizacklea 1985
Super Dupont
FA. Paul Cornforth 1985
Driller Killer
FA. Paul Ingham, Paul Cornforth 1985
1986 La Flange en Decomposition
FA. Al Phizacklea, Steve Hubbard 1986
The Heinous Penis
FA. Al Phizacklea, Paul Ingham 1986
FA. Al Phizacklea 1986. FA. (1pt aid) Ed Cleasby 1978
Zantom Phone
FA. Paul Ingham 1986. Direct Start added by John Gaskins 1991. A hiddiously hard start straightened out by local John Gaskins before moving on to make the third ascent of Hubble at Raven Tor.
Phantom Zone
FA. Paul Ingham 1986. The most popular of Paul Ingham's routes climbed at Chapel Head during the mid 1980s.
Stan Pulsar
FA. Steve Hubbard 1986
Maboulisme Merveilleux
FA. Paul Cornforth 1986
1986 Electric Warrior
FA. Tony Mitchell 1986
Cosmic Dancer
FA. Tony Mitchell, Paul Ingham, Paul Cornforth 1986
Perverted Start
FA. Paul Ingham 1986
La Mangoustine Scatouflange
FA. Paul Cornforth 1986
Super Duper Dupont
FA. Paul Cornforth 1986
Warm Push
FA. Mark (nine lives) Greenbank 1986
1987 Agent Provocateur
FA. Tony Mitchell, Paul Cornforth 1987
Stretchy Perineum
FA. Paul Cornforth 1987
FA. Paul Ingham 1987
1988 Tricky Pricky Ears
FA. Paul Cornforth 1988
Prime Evil
FA. Tony Mitchell 1988
1989 A Song for Europe
FA. Paul Cornforth 1989
1990 Cement Head
FA. Jim Bird 1990. Jim Bird moves on to bigger things from Scout Scar.
Calling Mr Hall
FA. Paul Cornforth 1990
1991 Jelly Head
FA. Jim Bird, Andy Tilney 1991
Eraser Head/The True Path
FA. (EH) Jim Bird 1991. FA. (TTP) Martin Atkinson, Mark Danson 1983
Mid-air Collision / Flight Path
FA. (MAC) Andy Hyslop 1991. FA. (FP) Tony Mitchell 1986. Andy Hyslop and Jim Bird (Eraser Head) tidy up the starts of the earlier upper wall lines.
Guloot Kalagna
FA. Paul Cornforth 1991
Unrighteous Doctors
FA. Dave Birkett 1991
Reefer Madness
FA. Ian Vickers 1991
1992 Surfing with the Alien
FA. John Gaskins 1992
Shades of Mediocrity
FA. Stuart Wood 1992
Gilbert Cardigan
FA. Keith Phizacklea 1992
More Games
FA. Dave Birkett 1992
For When the Tree Falls
FA. Dave Birkett 1992. After more than 10 years the tree is still standing but for how much longer?
Tufa King Hard
FA. Tony Burnell 1992
1993 Cool Your Jets Mum
FA. Stuart Halford 1993
Doctor's Dilemma
FA. Jim Bird 1993
1996 Yashmak
FA. Unknown 1996
Sad But True
FA. Steve Whittall, Keith Phizacklea 1996
1997 62 West Wallaby Street
FA. Keith Phizacklea 1997
War Hero
FA. Steve Whittall, Keith Phizacklea, Al Phizacklea 1997. Stevie returns a hero from UN plumbing duties in Bosnia!