List of First Ascents

1978 Trigger Finger
FA. Pat McVey, Mark Danson 1978. A great find that ensured the later popularity of the crag.
1984 Firing Squad
FA. Al Phizacklea, Rob Knight 1984. Luke Steer climbed the direct start in 1989. Al Phizacklea takes time out from new routing in the central lakes and unearths the best bit of climbing at the crag.
1986 Sniffing the Saddle
FA. A.Phizacklea 1986
FFA. A.Phizacklea 1986
Shot By Both Sides
FA. John Topping, Al Phizacklea 1986
Shooting the Load
FA. Al Phizacklea, John Topping 1986
Humphrey Hymen Met a Sly Man
FA. Paul Cornforth 1986
1989 Live Rounds
FA. Rick Graham, Luke Steer 1989
Hollow Lands
FA. Mark Radtke, Jason Metcalf 1989
1991 Sniffing the Saddle Direct
FA. Rick Graham 1991
1991 Stymen
FA. Rick Graham 1991
Pork Pie
FA. Rick Graham 1991
Humphrey Bogart
FA. Ken Forsythe 1991
Slightly Shoddy
FA. Andy Hyslop 1991
Back Into the Future
FA. John Dunne 1991 originally graded at 8a. Also climbed by Rob Knight at around the same time and given E3 6c!
1992 Humphrey Dumphrey
FA. Iain Greenwood 1992
1994 Engelbert Humphreding
FA. Iain Greenwood 1994
1997 Mr Self-destruct
FA. John Gaskins 1997
1998 Mindfields
FA. John Gaskins 1998