List of First Ascents

1972 Sauegjerderyggen
FA. Ulf Prytz, Arild Meyer and some NNKS climbing students, early 1970s.
1975 Pedersenryggen
FA. Tom Pedersen and some NNKS climbing students made the first ascent in the mid 1970s.
1979 Pianisten
FA. Kjell Skog and partner 7.1979 FA. (Direct) Knut Storvik, Andreas Christiansen in 1999
Pianohandler Lunds drøm
FA. Sjur Nesheim and Kjell Ove Storvik 7.1979
1988 Ant Line
FA. Haakon Christiansen and Niels Poulsen climbed the first pitch in 7.1988. A few days later, Kjell Ove Storvik and Niels Poulsen completed the route.
1989 Dagens rett
FA. (Pitch 1) Niels Poulsen, Haakon Christiansen 1989. Thorbjørn Enevold and NNKS climbing students climbed the top finger-crack around the same time. Ed Webster and Arild Meyer linked the pitches together on 18.5.1994
FA. Niels Poulsen, Odd-Roar Wiik 1989
1991 Lys og skygge
FA. (P1) Ed Webster, Trond Solberg 2.8.1991 FA. (P2) Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold 3.8.1991
Applecake Arete
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Ed Webster, Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 13.8.1991
Kongens hjørne
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik 8.1991. The day that King Harald was visiting Henningsvær. He stopped his car to watch Odd-Roar finish the pitch.
1992 Sorte Orm
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Trond Solberg 1992. They finished leftwards via a loose crack - not recommended. FA. (Finish as described) Mathias and Eirik Andersen 1992
Nye tider
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, early 1990s
Dream of White Whales
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold, Lutta Fagerli 1992. The route is as long as a whale.
1993 Soria Moria
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Poulsen (aid) 3.1993 FFA. Linus Kullstad late 1990s
Luke Skywalker
FA. (Original) Johan Sandberg, Truls Seines Summer 1993 FA. (Left-hand finish) Thorbjørn Enevold, Johan Sandberg Summer 1993
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik (solo) 11.1993 as Teknisk Trening (Aid Practice). FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Thorbjørn Enevold 6.1995
1994 Kangshungrisset
FA. Ed Webster, Knut Fausa Storvik 12.5.1994. The 6th anniversary of Websterís near summit day on Mt. Everestís Kangshung Face.
1994 Sterk, Naken og Bil tyvene
FA. Poulsen, Wiik (some aid) 1994 FFA. Bjarte Bø, Anne Grete Nebell 29.7.1997
1995 Huggormen
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Neils Poulsen (some aid and called Kaos) 1990s FFA. Petter Restorp and Hanna Melin
I rampelyset
FA. Robert Caspersen 1990s. Bolted and climbed with an audience from a NNKS course to show how sport climbing actually works. He stopped between moves to explain what he was doing!
FA. Peter Restorp 1990s
FA. Jimmy Halvardsson 1990s
Blahval superstar
FA. Petter Restorp 1990s
Du gamla du fria
FA. Geir-Rune Holm 1990s
FA. Simond Thyr 1990s
Froken Sverige
FA. Simond Thyr 1990s
I rampelyset direkte
FA. Knut Storvik 1990s
Ingen sommerferie
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Niels Paulsen 12.8.1995
1996 Nøttebus
FA. Krister Jonsson, Hanna Falkestrøm 1996
Kjærlighetens kjøtere
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Arild Meyer 9.1996
1997 Jorn Roger
FA. Andreas Christiansen, Jonas Tetlie, Easter 1997
2000 Djupfjord sprickan
FA. Simon Thyr 5.2000
Ladies Jigsaw
FA. Pauline Bird, Donna Thopmson 24.7.2000
2002 Minnerisset
FA. Robert Caspersen 10.6.2002. The route was named in memory of Robert's brother Pål Espen who died in an abseiling accident on Presten on 10.6.2000.