List of First Ascents

1992 Pan
FA. In 7.1992, Odd-Roar Wiik and partner made the general first ascent of the route, including Pitch 2, where they used 1 point of aid on the crux overlap. Ed Webster and Thorbjørn Enevold made the first free ascent of the route described here on 12.7.1993
1994 Vårkåt
FA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Nils Paulsen, Truls Seines 1994 <br>FFA. Odd-Roar Wiik, Patrik Fransson 1995
1995 Migan pillaren
FA. Arild Meyer, Odd-Roar Wiik, 1995
1997 Mordar Anders
FA. Krister Jonsson, Anders Lundkvist 1997
2002 Aprilsnarr
FA. Ragnar Ekker, Knut Fausa Storvik 1.4.2002
2005 Time is a Disaster
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Alex Pearce, 20.7.2005
2007 Uigeadail
FA. Lex Pearce 3.6.2007
Milburn 25
FA. Lex Pearce, Nigel Redshaw 3.6.2007
FA. Lex Pearce, Nigel Redshaw 10.6.2007
Frozen in Time
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Lex Pearce 12.6.2007
Shark Ride
FA. Nigel Redshaw, Lex Pearce 13.6.2007
FA. Mie Kastet, Odd-Roar Wiik 7.2007