List of First Ascents

1977 Tranedansen
FA. Arild Meyer, Finn Tore Bjørnstad August, 1977
FA. Arild Meyer, Kjell Skog 7.1977
FA. Thorbjørn Enevold first top-roped Pitch 3. Arild Meyer and Kjell Skog first climbed Pitch 5 during the first ascent of Spurven in 7.1977. Pitch 6 - Thorbjørnsrisset - was first climbed by Thorbjørn Enevold and NNKS students in the summer of 1989. Ed Webster and Leif Henriksen climbed the complete route described on 29.7.1998
1979 Colibrien
FA. Finn Jensen, Niels Poulsen 14.7.1979. They thought they were climbing Spurven but later realised that they had done a new route. FA. (The Direct Crack) Odd-Roar Wiik, Egil Eliassen 5.1992
1981 Odins bue
FA. Ivar Olsen and Edly Grape climbed the first 2 pitches and the overlap start of pitch 3 on aid in 1981. Arild Meyer and Ed Webster free climbed the first 2 pitches on 23.7.1993 but were thwarted by the pitch 3 overlap. Returning on 4.8.1993, after a start up Fingerrrisset, Meyer and Webster placed one bolt each on aid on the overlap. The pitch 3 arch above was dripping wet; Webster led it almost entirely on aid, but Meyer followed it free except for the 2 aid bolts! These were eliminated by Jonas Tetlie, Andras Christiansen, Knut Storvik in the summer of 1998.
1982 Fingerrisset
FA. Helge Stokstad, Rune Thrap-Meyer 1982
1999 Swedish Highway Blues
FA. V.Satava, M.Vrkoslav 16.7.1999
2005 Anachronism
FA. Arild Meyer 2005?
FA. Jonatan Rask, Jonas Dahlstrup (as an aid route) 12.8.2005 FFA. Erik Grunnesjø, Jonas Dahlstrup 2007