List of First Ascents

1985 Ninjarisset
FA. The route was an aid climb back in the 1980s. The FFA was by Petter Restorp in 2000 though it had been top-roped the previous year.
1996 Diederet
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Knut Stornvik, Ragnar Ekker (aid) 1996. FFA. Andreas Christansen, Knut Storvik 1998
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Andreas Christansen 1996
FA. Jonas Tetlie, Eirik Skjeseth, Kenneth Jensen, 1996
1997 Fast Foot
FA. Andreas Christansen, Runar O Eilertsen 1997
2002 Fu Manchu
FA. Andreas Christensen 2002
Sko and garn
FA. Andreas Christensen 2002