List of First Ascents

1989 One Cool Vibe
FSA. Pete Oxley 11.5.89
This is the Life
FSA. Pete Oxley 11.5.89
1990 Leave my Sole Alone
FSA. Pete Oxley 25.7.90
1993 Robertson's Jam
FA. Steve Taylor (solo) 13.6.1993
Intimate Dancing
FSA. Mike Robertson 13.6.1993
Spittle 'n' Spume
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 13.6.1993
1994 Temporary Lifestyle
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 31.7.1994
Memory Lane
FSA. Mark Williams, Mike Robertson 6.8.94
Too Funky For Me
FA. Mike Robertson 6.8.1994
Penny Lane
FSA. Mark Williams 6.8.1994
Foxy Chicks
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 6.8.1994
Babes and Bedsheets
FSA. Mike Robertson 6.8.94
The Big Easy
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 6.8.1994
1995 Ixtlan
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 23.4.1995
Octopus Weed
FA.Damian Cook 1.5.1995
Law of the Jungle
FA. Pete Oxley 6.5.1995
Air Hoodlum
FA. Pete Oxley 7.5.1995
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 8.5.1995
Previous Top-Rope Problem
FSA. Damian Cook 8.5.1995
Fly the Friendly Skies
FA. Pete Oxley 13.5.1995
The Little Hard
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 15.5.1995
Mad About You
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 15.5.1995
Bare Reputation
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 15.5.1995
Captain Haddock
FA. Mike Robertson 19.5.1995
Flipper Force
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 19.5.1995
Up the Grotto
FSA. Mike Robertson 19.5.95
Ooh, Lovely!
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 19.5.1995
Crab Party
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 19.5.1995
Reel 'em In
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 21.5.1995
The Swinging Nineties
FA. Pete Oxley 29.5.1995
Seeing is Believing
FA. Pete Oxley 31.5.1995
FSA. Damian.Cook 9.6.95
Marine Boy
FSA. Mike Robertson 10.6.95
Different for Girls
FA. Mike Robertson 10.6.1995
Kisses and Lies
FA. Mike Robertson 10.6.1995
High Klicks
FA. Mike Robertson 10.6.1995
100 Reasons to be Cheerful
FA. Mike Robertson 10.6.1995
Bachelor Boy and the SR 500
FA. Mike Robertson 10.6.1995
Russian Roulette
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 11.6.1995
Ninth Wave
FA. Luc Percival 6.1995
Zimmerframe with Attitude
FA. Luc Percival, Neal Heanes 6.1995. Reclimbed by Andy Long 2004.
The O'lympets
FA. Neal Heanes, Luc Percival 6.1995
Up, Up and Away
FA. Pete Oxley 1995
Marine Boy Direct
FA. Luc Percival 6.1995
Escape Route
FA. Pete Oxley 1995
Tentacle Master
FSA. Joff Cook 27.7.1995
Makin' Bacon
FSA. Mike Robertson 5.8.95
Osaki Dolphin
FA. Pete Oxley 7.8.1995
Trashy's Traverse
FSA. Mike Robertson 11.8.1995
FA. Steve Taylor (solo) 11.8.1995
Gourmet Shit Traverse
FSA. Mike Robertson and Mark Williams 26.8.1995
King of the Swingers
FA. Pete Oxley 27.8.1995
Killer Loop
FSA. Joff Cook 3.9.1995
Skeleton Surfers
FSA. Mike Robertson 3.9.1995
Once Were Warriors
FA. Pete Oxley 16.9.1995
1996 Honorary Froggatt
FA. Pete Oxley 19.3.1996. Artless is a famous route at Froggatt.
Burbage Belle
FA. Pete Oxley 27.3.1996
Private Dancer
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.1996
Thirty Years Young
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.96
L'eau Profile
FA. Pete Oxley 4.4.1996
The Green Bearded Roof
FA. Pete Oxley 6.6.1996
C.C. Backstabbers
FA. Pete Oxley 15.7.96
Pilot of the Future
FA. Pete Oxley 18.7.1996
Walking the Plank
FSA. Pete Oxley 22.7.96
FA. Pete Oxley 28.7.1996
Staring at the Sea
FA. Pete Oxley 8.1996
Underwater Love
FA. Pete Oxley 8.1996
Zen Zero
FA. Pete Oxley 28.8.1996
Massive Amounts of Strength
FSA. Martin Crocker 2.10.1996
Huge Reaches
FSA. Martin Crocker 2.10.1996
Lunge or Plunge
FSA. Martin Crocker 5.10.1996
Hooked Like No Fish Before Me
FSA. Martin Crocker 5.10.1996
1997 Smile Please!
FSA. Steve Taylor 7.97
1998 Under-Bare
FSA. Dave Henderson 12.8.1998
The Big Boss
FSA. Paul Savage 8.98
2000 El Scorchio
FA. Rob Godfray 23.1.2000
Maximum Grrr...
FA. Pete Oxley 23.1.2000
Wall of Squares
FSA. Katie Dominey 2000
Red Crane Wall
FSA. Phil Harris 2000
White Pony
FA. Pete Oxley 24.6.2000
The World’s Best Mono
FA. Pete Oxley 24.6.2000
End of the Land
FSA. Pete Oxley 25.6.2000
FSA. Pete Oxley 25.6.2000
Sugar Daddy
FSA. Ben Stokes 25.6.2000
All Things Being Relative
FSA. Matt Stammers 25.6.2000
The Red Crane Traverse
FSA. Ben Stokes, Matt Stammers 25.6.2000
Zombie Nation
FA. Pete Oxley 12.8.2000
2001 Water Wings
FA. Gavin Symonds (solo) 27.7.2001
2004 Chymerie
FSA. Mick Ward 12.5.2004
The Good of Sleep
FSA. Mick Ward 13.5.2004
Edge of Beyond
FSA. Mick Ward 16.5.2004
Rapture of the Deep
FSA. Mick Ward 17.5.2004
Swirling Pool
FSA. Mick Ward 19.5.2004
2005 The Cult of John Craven
FA. Pete Oxley 24.1.2005
Eight Inches
FSA. Johnny Woods 22.7.2005
FSA. Mike Robertson 22.7.2005
Under-Bare Extension
FSA. Gavin Symonds 8.2005
2006 Bent Pigeon
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
Bleating Nincompoops
FSA. Mike Robertson 27.6.2006
2010 The Huts Have Eyes
FA. John Leonard 2.3.2010
Somewhere West of Laramie
FA. Mick Ward 2.3.2010
Not in Kansas Anymore
FA. Mick Ward 3.3.2010
A Girl of the Limberlost
FA. Mick Ward 4.3.2010
2011 Games Without Frontiers
FA. Mick Ward 9.9.2011
The Dog's Bollocks
FA. John Leonard 10.9.2011
Tide and Time
FA. Mick Ward 11.9.2011
Jug City
FA. Mick Ward 1.10.2011
FA. Mick Ward 1.10.2011