List of First Ascents

1970 Laughing Arthur
FA. M.Boater, P.Deketelaere 6-8.8.1970. FFA. Pete Oxley 3.12.1988
1974 Procrastinating Giant
FA. D.Fell 11.8.1974. FFA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 10.10.1983
1975 Parsons Pleasure
FA. Scott Titt, Richard Crewe, G.Seymour 4.10.1975
FA. Richard Crewe, Des Marshall 11.10.75. Pitch 2 - George Hounsome, Scott Titt 1.6.80
1977 Frank's Little Secret
FA. V.Dennis, Nick Buckley 7.8.1977
1978 Polaris
FA. Arni Strapcans, Gordon Jenkin, Frank Farrell 13.8.1978
1980 Nuke
FA. Dave Ivory, Ed Hart 1.3.1980<br>FFA. Crispin Waddy, Andy Ford 10.1987
FA. Kevin Turner, Nick Buckley 1980<br>FFA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 28.8.1983
1983 The Vapour Edge
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 27.3.1983
Credit in the Straight World
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 20.8.1983
FA. Martin Crocker, D.Light 24.9.1983
1986 Absence Makes the Heart...
FA. Martin Crocker, Nigel Coe 23.2.1986
FA. Martin Crocker, Matt Ward 5.9.1986
Not Forgotten, No Fade Away
FA. Martin Crocker, Matt Ward 5.9.1986
1987 The Equalizer
FA. Pete Oxley 31.5.1987
1988 The Nolans Meet Impulse Manslaughter
FA. Pete Oxley 21.1.1988
Freedom Fighter
FA. Pete Oxley 3.2.1988
Les Hommes en Noir
FA. Pete Oxley 3.2.1988
FA. Pete Oxley 6.2.1988
Swimming in Jugs
FA. Pete Oxley 6.2.1988
The Energy, the Faith, the Devotion
FA. Pete Oxley 12.3.1988
Cosa Nostra
FA. John Williams, Pete Oxley 21.4.1988
Roof Supreme
FA. Pete Oxley 11.6.1988
1988 Crack Gang Killing
FA. Pete Oxley 18.11.1988
1989 Plasma Stream
FA. Pete Oxley 13.4.1989
Street Fighting Years
FA. Pete Oxley 22.8.1989
Monsters of Rock
FA. Pete Oxley, Jon Biddle 3.9.1989
Coma 2
FA. Pete Oxley 25.11.89
1990 A Dose of the Malhams
FA. Pete Oxley 7.8.1990. FA. (without bolt) Dave Pickford 2000
Naked and Savage
FA. Pete Oxley 23.8.1990
1992 Infinite Gravity
FA. Pete Oxley 4.1992
Rufty's Roll Up
FA. D.Simpson, A.Hedger 11.8.1992
Parallel Lines
FA. A.Hedger, D.Simpson 11.8.1992
1993 The Schwarzechild Radius
FA. Pete Oxley 23.2.1993
1994 Weapons of Sound
FA. Martin Crocker, John Harwood 2.10.1994
Enter the Void
FA. Martin Crocker, John Harwood 2.10.1994
Bolt the Blue Sea
FA. Martin Crocker, John Harwood 15.10.1994
FA. Martin Crocker, John Harwood 15.10.1994
1996 Exchange of Fire
FA. Martin Crocker, Mike Robertson 1.9.1996
1999 Sport Free World!
FA. Pete Oxley, Brian Tilley 10.6.1999
Full Circle
FA. Pete Oxley 14.6.1999
2000 Cold Empty Gun
FFA. Dave Pickford, Richard White 2000.
2001 Mr Fantastic Totally Stroptastic
FA. Marti Hallett, Steve Taylor 6.2001
2010 Forever Laughing
FA. Tom Randall and Bob Hickish 23.9.2010<br>FA. (Coma 2) Pete Oxley 25.11.1989
2011 The Aquatic Ape
FA. Bob Hickish, Dave Pickford 2.9.2011
FA. Bob Hickish 15.9.2011