List of First Ascents

1932 Triangle Buttress Arete
FA. Eric Byne 1932
Stomach Traverse
FA. Eric Byne 1932
Dover's Progress
FA. Harry Dover 1932
Hollyash Crack
FA. Harry Dover 1932
Great Crack
FA. Harry Dover 1932
Twin Chimneys Layback
FA. Eric Byne 1932
Amazon Crack
FA. Jack Macleod 1932
Brooks' Layback
FA. Rupert Brooks 1932
1933 Knight's Move
FA. Gilbert Ellis 1933
1934 Mutiny Crack
FA. Eric Byrom 1934
1948 Obscenity
FA. Nip Craven 1948
1951 Cranberry Crack
FA. Albert Shutt 1951
1952 Pulcherrime
FA. King Edward VII School (Sheffield) party early 1950s
1953 Peter's Progress
FA. Peter Biven 1953
1955 Detour
FA. Ron Townsend 1950s
1956 Still Orange
FA. Dave Gregory 1956. His first new route, aged 22.
1957 The Chant
FA. Alan Clarke late 1950s
Leaning Wall Direct
FA. Ron Townsend 1957
The Grazer
FA. Dave Gregory late 1950s
1962 Wednesday Climb
FA. Pat Fearneough early 1960s
Long Tall Sally
FA. Alan Clarke early 1960s
1964 The Grogan
FA. Gerry Rogan 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
Evening Wall
FA. Dave Gregory 1964
1969 Boney Moroney
FA. Jack Street 1969
1971 Banana Finger
FA. Ed Drummond 1971. Graded XS and given a detailed description!
The Fin
FA. Neil Stokes 1971
Now or Never
FA. John Allen 1971
1972 Tiptoe
FA. Chris Craggs 1972
1976 Meddle
FA. Dennis Carr 1976
1977 Little White Jug
FA. Andy Hall 1977
FA. Steve Bancroft 1977
Ivy Tree
FA. Dave Gregory 1977
All Star's Goal
FA. Colin Banton 1977
A Phenomenological Problem
FA. Clive Jones 1977
Oak Tree Face
FA. Dave Gregory 1977
The Rainmaker
FA. Keith Sharples 1977
Tharf Cake
FA. John Parkin 1977. Tharf cake is a north country name for parkin.
The Sentinel
FA. Dennis Carr 1977
Agnostic's Arete
FA. Clive Jones 1977. Clive disappeared for a couple of minutes then announced to Dave Gregory that he had just done a new route, Dave declared that he didn't believe it.
The Penultimate
FA. Keith Sharples 1977
1978 Slide-away
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
The Edging Machine
FA. Colin Banton 1978
The Screamer
FA. Colin Banton 1978
Rhapsody in Green
FA. Colin Banton 1978
FA. Colin Banton 1978
1978 All Quiet on the Eastern Front
FA. Ed Drummond 1978
High Flyer
FA. Gary Gibson 1978
The Irrepressible Urge
FA. Colin Banton 1978
Red Shift
FA. Colin Banton 1978
1980 Windjammer
FA. Gary Gibson 1980. FA. (Enterprise) Adrian Berry 2006
1981 Monk On
FA. Steve Bancroft 1981
Arme Blanche
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
1982 Groat
FA. Al Rouse early 1980s
The Busker
FA. Steve Bancroft 1982
1983 Nicotine Stain
FA. Al Rouse 1983
1984 The Disposable Bubble
FA. Johnny Dawes 1984
Life in a Radioactive Dustbin
FA. Paul Mitchell 1984
Blind Date
FA. Al Rouse (start), Phil Burke (finish) 1984. Only Al could do the start, only Phil could do the finish. First complete ascent is unknown.
Survivor's Syndrome
FA. Richard Davies 1984
Ai No Corrida
FA. John Allen 1984
1985 Small is Beautiful
FA. John Allen 1985
Boggle Boothroyd
FA. Michael Bridges 1985
Sunlight Caller
FA. Michael Bridges 1985
Barry Manilow
FA. Steve Bancroft 1985
The Enthusiast
FA. Nick Hallam 1980s
Ring My Bell
FA. John Allen 1985
1986 The Keffer
FA. Kevin Thaw 1986
1987 Big Black 'un
FA. Graham Hoey 1987
1988 Gymnipodies
FA. John Allen 1988
1989 Living in Oxford
FA. Johnny Dawes 1989
FA. John Allen (from the chimney on the left) 1989
Crystal Tips
FA. Chris Horsfall 1989
1991 Base Over Apex
FA. Chris Craggs 1991
Ring Piece
FA. Jim Rubery 1991
1992 The Last Great Problem
FA. Alex Thackway 1992
Gazebo Watusi
FA. Jonny Needham early 1990s
1993 Twenty Year Itch
FA. Andy Barker (with a side runner)1993
1994 Navana
FA. Darren Thomas 1994
Three Blind Mice
FA. Dave Pegg 1994. FA. (Snow Blind Mice) Dan Varian 2013
1995 Happily Ever After
FA. Richie Patterson 1995.
FA. Ben Moon 1990s
1996 Calvin Klimb
FA. Darren Thomas 1996
1997 Bilberry Cake
FA. Chris Hare late 1990s
1999 Superstition
FA. Miles Gibson 1999
Happy Slapper
FA. Chris Moor 1999
Jimmy Riddle
FA. Chris Moor 1999
2000 Paleface
FA. Simon Lockwood 2000
2001 The Arctic Mammal
FA. Dave Musgrove 2001. FA. (SAM) Mark Millar late 1970s
2002 Present Arms
FA. Mark Stephen Davies 2002
2004 Almost the Last Word
FA. Tom O'Rouke 2004
2007 The Promise
FA. James Pearson 2007
2013 Seventy Niner
FA. Dave Gregory 2013. 57 years after Still Orange, aged 79.