Phat Slapper

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6m. A tight eliminate just left of Pastoral, not touching the crack. Very dynamic. Not in current guidebook.
FA. Jim Kimber 26.10.99


Sorry should say finish up and left, jd.
James - 23/Mar/00

VERY easy for v6, more like v3
psycho pete - 22/May/00

I wouldn't say VERY easy. The static method may be soft V6 or hard V5: but V3 - bollocks!
ben stokes - 08/Jan/01

Static method? My method was nowhere near static. The reach is very long. V6 if youre under 5'12". take a grade off for every inch taller you are ...
FredMead - 20/Oct/05

But I went for the dyno with my right hand from the low undercut(!) and my left hand on the high crimp. I didnt use the hold the guy in the photo has got his right hand on ...
FredMead - 26/Oct/05

What low undercut?
My right hand is on the flow undercut, my left on the high crimp. Set the feet and it's a long slap, not a dyno.
What are you on about Fred?
Ben Thorne - 23/Jan/06

I didnt have a lot of time and didn't notice the flow undercut. I went fully dynamic for the top with left hand on high crimp and right hand on a low undercut near the right foot.
FredMead - 01/Feb/06

I know it says nt touching the crack... but, is the wall to the left in for feet? I assume not...! Missed the undercut completely..
Wilbur - 30/Apr/07

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