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Wharncliffe starts with the pointed Prow Rock just below where the approach path meets the cliff edge. This worthy mini-summit can be escaped by a flying leap, though climbing down is safer. To the right of the pinnacle is a cracked buttress once capped with a pylon, and away to the left is a buttress with one decent climb.

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Gallipoli Rock
Start in the centre and move over to a finish on the left arete.
1 Stars
VS 4c
The steep north face. Reach the central break then use layaways and an undercut to gain the shelving top. Swing left to finish.
1 Stars
E5 6b
The Moire
The northwest arete of Prow Rock is taxing and poorly protected, plus the landing is typical Wharncliffe!
1 Stars
E5 6b
Gain the base of the scoop in the centre of the west face from the right and make fierce fingery pulls to enter it.
 E3 6b
Outside Route
From the south toe of the tower, trend left via a niche.
4 user comments
1 Stars
S 4a
The Nose
The juggy and worthwhile prow-like south arete of the tower.
2 user comments
1 Stars
VS 4c
Inside Route
The gloomy face is the easiest way up (and off) the tower.
2 user comments
1 Stars
Exonian's Return
A fingery rightward traverse of the wall behind the Prow. Variations are available; the green left arete is VS 4c and a more...
 HVS 5c
Teresa's Slab
A tricky start gains the easier right side of the face.
1 user comment
HVD 4a
Pylon Corner
A short angular groove on the left has its moments.
1 user comment
Pylon Crack
The steep narrow crack in the centre of the north face.
2 user comments
Quern Crack
The steeper fissure just to the right to an awkward exit.
1 user comment
 S 4a
Jimmy Puttrell is a Legend
The arete leads to the direct finish to Hamlet's Climb. The name is new though the climbing isn't.
 VS 4c
Hamlet's Climb
Climb the steep crack in the left-hand side of the buttress to a notch then escape leftwards across to Pylon Crack. A rightward...
5 user comments
1 Stars
HVD 4a
Requiem of Hamlet's Ghost
Steeply up the face between the cracks past a set of overlaps.
2 user comments
1 Stars
E1 5b
The Crack of Doom
The steep awkward off-width was a great effort for its day.
6 user comments
1 Stars
HS 4b
Climb the steep pillar on the right-hand side of the buttress, passing a low roof.
1 user comment
 E2 5c
The Zig-zag Climb
Follow the easy groove on the right then move left to the kinked and chockstone-filled crack.
2 user comments
The Crack of Delight
The pleasant easy groove on the right.
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