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Afternoon sun
60 mins
Up and Down

The magnificent west facing slabby wall that looks out over the Bunesstrand and out into the Norwegian Sea. Approach from Reine by taking a boat to Vinstad at the entrance to Bunesfjorden. Walk alongside the fjord on a gravel road for 2 km towards the low pass of Einangen. Go past the beautiful Vinstad graveyard, then northwest up sheep trails to the pass (80m), before descending to the enormous Bunesstrand, the beach, below Helvetstinden's West Face - 1 to 1.5 hours from the ferry.

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Left Approximation
About 600m, 18 pitches. The left-hand edge of the face is bounded by grass slopes. Start right of these and cross the...
About 500m, 11 pitches to high point. (Hell's Wall) This route, which was never completed, tackles most of the centre of...
 5+ A1
Ticket to Greenland
550m. Currently nothing is know about this route apart from the line and the overall grade.
 6+ A0
The Next Best Thing
300m. The slightly easier climb of the pair is six and a half pitches long, starting on the left and crossing to the nose of...
3 Stars
Norwegian Sheep Ranch
300m. The more difficult of the two climbs, with pitches 1, 3 and 4 being close to 60m long. The route is described as "being...
1 user comment
3 Stars
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    Borr i Bekkmørtna
    "An Excelent route worth to climb! From pitch 3 goes straight up, following crack..." 18/Jul

    Permit to Åsgård
    "Rob Lamey roblamey@hotmail.co.uk Top quality route, a must adventure up the ..." 27/Jul

    Sea Breeze
    "I just want to add some usefull information. There is a tunnel under the cliff. ..." 15/Jul

    Recht Rinne
    "This route - or a variation of it - was climbed by Svein Smelvær and Bjørn Hanch..." 31/Jul

    Norwegian Sheep Ranch
    "Pitch 1 is a somewhat runout (7- ish) and longer than 60 m. We had to simul-clim..." 29/Jul

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