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Lots of sun!
90 mins

Originally named by Arne Randers Heen, these impressive rocky tops are the largest peaks on the multi-summited ridge to the north of Vågakallen. Together they form the north western side of the impressive, steep-walled valley of Øvredalen. Located high upon this ridge is the bizarre, geologic feature of Kallebordet (the Kalle Table) a huge flat plate of granite precariously perched on top of a section of the ridge just west of Lille Vågakallen. To climb Kallebordet, fall across a gap on it’s upper side, grab the edge, and pull up!

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Småkallanryggen Top 50
A great outing - long, exposed and committing but nowhere very difficult. Nowadays the ridge is normally done south to north....
2 Stars
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    Rom and Cola
    "In my opinion one of the best climbs on the Lofoten. The first pitch is a bit na..." 29/May top50

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