Rufty Tufty Area

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Lots of sun!
40 mins
Up and Down

This buttress has disappeared into the sea, but has been replaced by the New Dawn Wall!

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No routes found for this buttress.
  • Latest Comments


    D Sharp
    "Possibly a large block has come away leaving a lot of calcite rock and a slightl..." 16/Aug

    Damage Case
    "it took me 3 trips to get to the right spot for the abseil in for the routes off..." 07/May

    "Found this quite stiff." 29/Jan

    Damage Case
    "a nasty start, followed by a lovely top section; harder but not as good as Calci..." 22/Jul

    "Possible new route up the wall to the right of Calcitron at about E3 5c. More in..." 25/Apr

    Gorillas in the Mist
    "Threads replaced (June 09) though would only really trust the one at the bottom ..." 29/Jun

    Palace of the Brine
    "rebolted with shiny new glue ins. there is also another bolt line in this cave t..." 13/Jun

    Sue's Route
    "Nice route. OK at the grade I thought." 19/Apr

    Rufty Tufty
    "The entire Rufty Tufty area has collapsed removing the big roof and all the rock..." 13/Apr

    Gorillas in the Mist
    "superb route, s stars for sure. The threads are a in a poor state at the moment..." 16/Mar

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