London Wall

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A superb set of cracks and grooves including the magnificent sustained London Wall, the quality hand-crack of Bond Street and the lovely sustained bridging on Great Portland Street. One of the more sheltered sections of the quarry and often quite busy with good reason.

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Covent Garden
Pleasant and mild at the grade, though the final arete is a bit on the airy side.1) 4b, 15m. A long groove leads via a...
8 user comments
2 Stars
VS 4b
Bond Street
The near-perfect jamming crack has hard moves to enter and leave the prominent niche. It will swallow all the heavy metal...
14 user comments
3 Stars
HVS 5a
A blank wall with a combination of technical climbing and little in the way of protection. The upper section, linking good...
2 user comments
2 Stars
E7 6b
Great Portland Street
A tough stopper mantelshelf guards access to the lovely hanging groove. This gives excellent and well-protected bridging.
10 user comments
3 Stars
HVS 5b
White Wall
The smooth wall left of the deep corner, linking ancient peg-holes via hard moves. The crux is reaching and passing the...
5 user comments
3 Stars
E5 6b
The Mall
The sustained right-angled groove is quite hard at the grade, though protection is excellent. Beware the dusty shelving top.
21 user comments
3 Stars
VS 4c
London Wall
One of the finest finger-cracks in the country sees many attempts and many failures. The initial leaning fissure is as hard as...
4 user comments
3 Stars
E5 6a
Lambeth Chimney
The shallow chimney on the right side of the wall leads to a ledge. Step around the airy arete on the left to enter and finish...
9 user comments
1 Stars
HS 4b