The walls of the Mascarat provide some superb long routes in a weird and exciting setting. These routes are often gazed at in awe from the car as you whip through on your way to, or from, somewhere else but, if you are eventually tempted to give one of them a go, then there should be something at your grade. The road and traffic noise dominate the atmosphere a bit, although this is of little significance on the South West Face, and in the Gorge itself. Several of the long routes have become established classics on the Costa Blanca hit list with Vía UBSA being one of the more popular long, and relatively easy, routes around. Others are seldom climbed by visiting climbers, but are none-the-less worthwhile. The hard routes on the Hambre de Mujer Wall, and Cleoplaca, are all superb and popular. The first ascensionists of most of the long routes are shown with the routes.


1 trad route (??)
32 sport routes (?...?)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other Page
Aguja Superior
The south side of the Mascarat Gorge has two huge faces split by a ridge which runs down to the old...
Trad and Sport
Morning sun

15 mins

Aguja Inferior
This is the tower on the north side of the Mascarat gorge. It has a striking, clean, triangular...
Trad and Sport
Afternoon sun

15 mins

The Gorge
Deep in the gorge which cuts through the towering walls of the Mascarat, are a couple of compact...
Sun and shade

8 mins

Dry in the Rain
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