Dorset Bouldering Published

Dorset isn’t just about sport and trad on the sea cliffs, it also has a vibrant bouldering scene which has been growing in popularity over recent years. Now you can get hold of the perfect book to accompany your trips to the area in the shape of Ben Stokes’ superb Dorset Bouldering guidebook.

Author Ben Stokes with a copy of the new Dorset Bouldering guidebook.

Author Ben Stokes with a copy of the new Dorset Bouldering guidebook.

The book is the result of several year’s of effort by Ben and his friends, both writing the guide, and developing the problems. It follows on from some much smaller Rockfax publications but really opens up the entire area with detailed coverage of bouldering on both sides of Portland, and at Lulworth and Swanage. The vast majority of the problems recorded have never been published before.

This is the third Rockfax guide to be published this year following on from Northern Limestone and Eastern Grit. Next up is Clwyd Limestone and an updated edition of the Mallorca guide. In-between we will be launching our App. So it is set to be a busy year again for Rockfax.

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Rockfax Donations to Path Restoration on Portland and Bolt Funds


Half way through the year and we have just made our second donation to the various Bolt Funds and Access funds/projects that we support via this web site, the Rockfax book sales and

The Portland path restoration initiative we announced last month has just got its starting donation of £234. This comprises mostly of £1 from each copy of the Dorset Bouldering book sold, plus some very generous PoS donations by people on the web site amounting to £65. These funds are being paid direct to the BMC ACT but Alan Brown, at the BMC, is ring-fencing them for this project.

We have also made a good sized payment of £271 to the Yorkshire Bolt Fund from the sales of  Northern Limestone. Next month we will concentrate on the Cumbria Bolt Fund.

Small donations have also been made to the Gary Gibson Bolt Fund, and the Dorset Bolt Fund.

We welcome approaches from all bolt funds, from anywhere in Europe covered by a Rockfax guidebook, to get involved. Contact us using this form.

Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraising either by buying a copy of Northern Limestone or Dorset Bouldering, buying another book direct from the Rockfax web site, or making a generous PoS donation.

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Dorset Bouldering – Pre-order Special Offer

The Dorset Bouldering Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at an extra special offer of £22.95 (RRP £29.95).

Offer now closed.

Order here


This book represents the culmination of eight years of effort, initially in documenting the bouldering on Portland, and later across the whole of Dorset. The first publication by Ben Stokes back in 2007 was a PDF MiniGuide available for download only. It covered 79 new problems in the Cuttings Boulderfield. An expanded PDF MiniGuide published in 2012 covered 253 problems. The fact that the Cuttings Boulderfield alone now boasts 500 problems shows just how busy Ben Stokes and the locals have been in recent years!

This book documents 1943 different problems. It is as complete as any bouldering guide can ever be. It covers as many of the known areas as possible and documents the significant problems found there. Of course this is bouldering we are talking about, hence there will always be variations, link-ups and new areas discovered. What is contained though is a huge collection of problems, on some beautiful coastal landscapes, that will keep most boulderers happy for many years.

Pre-order your copy now

Delivery Date - We are expecting to receive stock in the beginning of July and the pre-order copies will be sent out as soon as the first books reach the distributors. This information will be updated as we get nearer the delivery date.


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Eastern Grit is Here!

Eastern Grit has arrived! Twelve lovely copies have just been dropped off at the Rockfax/UKC HQ and the book looks stunning. It is certainly a whopper and, although not visibly much thicker than Peak Bouldering, it does have 16 more pages.

The full Peak set!

The full Peak set!

The distributors now have plenty of stock and it is in most of the specialist outdoor shops so you can get hold a copy either by ordering here, or visiting your local retailer.

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Dorset Bouldering – A New Book From Rockfax

Dorset-BoulderingEastern Grit has just arrived in the shops and we are already well progressed with our next book to Dorset Bouldering.

Dorset has emerged as a major bouldering area in recent years thanks to the hard work of a bunch of diligent locals who have combed the coastline seeking out every block, problem and traverse. Chief amongst these developers has been Ben Stokes who has documented the developments in two popular Rockfax PDF MiniGuides.

Ben has now put everything together into a much larger Rockfax book, adding loads of new areas and expanding the existing coverage. In addition to the well known areas of the Cuttings, the Boulderfield and the Neddyfields, the book has extensive information on the West Coast of Portland, many more areas on the East Coast, plus Swanage and Lulworth. It describes nearly 2000 boulder problems on around 400 pages.

The book is sure to be a big seller amongst the climbers who regularly travel to sample the brilliant sport and trad climbing found in Dorset offering a perfect compliment to the existing Dorset Rockfax routes guidebook.

Here are some sample pages. The book is in its final stages of production and we hope to have it out before July.

DB-dps3 DB-dps2 DB-dps1

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