Rockfax App Update – Version 1.2


We have just released an update to the Rockfax App. Version 1.2 adds country dividers, auto-zooming maps and more detailed grade breakdowns for crags.

The auto-zooming maps is an excellent new feature that enables us to produce huge single maps for areas which zoom in to the appropriate detailed area when viewing a particular crag. This has the benefit of allowing wide area overview and close detail accessible using pinch/expand on the same screen. The best examples are in the Kalymnos and Rjukan areas.

Version 1.2 also coincides with some new areas – Kalymnos, North Wales Winter and The North Face of the Eiger – an eclectic set which are all being released in February 2016, with France : Haute Provence soon to follow.


Download or update now from the App Store

There is a lot more info on the App here

Version 1.2 – 5 February 2016

+ Crags and bundles now appear under the country where they are located
+ Opening an offline map will zoom in to show you current crag
+ Crags now include more detailed grade breakdown summaries

~ Fixed rare issue where the downloads tab would always be empty
~ Fixed rare issue where app wouldn’t connect to App Store from some countries
~ Performance improvements
~ Other bug fixes

Current Areas Covered – New in Bold

Ariege, Catalunya*, Clwyd Limestone, Costa Blanca, Dolomites, Dorset (Sport and Trad), Dorset Bouldering, Eastern Grit, Eiger*, Gower Sport Climbing, Haute Provence,  Kalymnos*, Lofoten*, Mallorca, Northern Limestone, North Wales Climbs, North Wales Winter, Peak Limestone, Pembroke, Rjukan, West Country Climbs
* App-only areas

In preparation

Cote d’Azur, Languedoc Roussillon, El Chorro, Western Grit, Northern England

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Rjukan Now Available on the Rockfax App


The out-of-print Heavy Water – Ice Climbing in Rjukan Norway guidebook has now been added to the Rockfax App and is available via the Download tab on the Crags tab. It is available as a single book download for £14.99 or as 14 individual bundles.

This book has be out-of-print for a while and we had passed on the rights to the print information, however the situation changed and Tom Atle Bordevik has allowed us to turn it into an App-only version. Rockfax will not be producing a print version of this book and Tom has said that he is not likely to produce one either.

Download the App now from the App Store and gain access to 23,585 routes from your mobile device.

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Spain : Mallorca Published

Natalie Berry, Mark Glaister and Paul Phillips relaxing with a beer after a day's crag research at S'estret on Mallorca during the work for this new guidebook

Natalie Berry, Mark Glaister and Paul Phillips relaxing with a beer after a day’s crag research at S’estret on Mallorca during the work for this new guidebook

We have just published our first book of 2016 – Spain : Mallorca. The book is now available for next day delivery or from your local specialist retailer.

This book arrives only 5 years after the previous edition such has been the popularity of the amazing climbing on the island. It updates the existing crags and adds an additional 13 new, or substantially developed, crags to the repertoire for sport climbers and/or deep water soloists – check here for a full list.

RF-App-Icon-ShadedThe information has also been added to the Rockfax App and is available via the Download tab on the Crags tab. It is available as a single book download for £22.99 or as 22 individual bundles including a single bundle for the Deep Water Soloing section (£12.99). Most of the information is the same although the Grau des Ruc section includes basic listings of two extra crags. More information on the App here.

With this book we are also adding Mallorca to our set of guides which support local access and bolting initiatives. We are currently negotiating with local climbers about how and where this will take place.

Next up for us is one of our most ambitious projects to date – the Chamonix Rockfax. More information on this exciting project to follow.

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Rockfax Donations to Bolt Funds and the ACT – 2015


The year has ended and we have just made our fourth set of donations to the various funds supported by Rockfax and This has been a great year and a grand total of £2267 has been donated split between the BMC ACT and various bolt funds for the most part, this includes £203 from Point of Sale donations from people buying books direct from the Rockfax web site and adding them to their purchase.

For the last quarter of 2015 we have donated a total of £580. This is comprised of £111 to the Yorkshire Bolt Fund and Cumbria Bolt Fund from sales of Northern Limestone,  £268 to the Gary Gibson Bolt Fund from the proceeds of the new Clwyd Limestone guidebook, and a further £89 to the Dorset Path restoration project we set up in conjunction with the BMC ACT.

Our next book – Spain : Mallorca – is published in January and we will be making a contribution from the first 1500 sales of this direct to bolting initiatives on Mallorca.

We welcome approaches from all bolt funds, from anywhere in Europe covered by a Rockfax guidebook, to get involved. Contact us using this form.

Thanks to everyone who supported this by buying direct from the Rockfax web site, or making a generous PoS donation.

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Spain : Mallorca Now Available For Pre-order

The Spain : Mallorca Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer of £24.95 (RRP £29.95)

Now available for Next Day Delivery



The book is a significant update of the relatively recent 2011 book with 9 major new crags plus another handful of crags with major new additions. There is more information about the new crags here, plus some photos on this news item. It has 376 pages (72 more than the previous edition).


Pre-order Delivery Date - We are hoping to receive stock in the week beginning 18 January and currently everything is on schedule. With the current weather though there may be delays in the delivery process which could nudge the deliveries on.

The full guidebook will soon be available on the App for £22.99.

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