The Peak Bouldering Rockfax

The 1998 Peak Bouldering Rockfax

Fifteen years ago Rockfax unveiled its original Peak Bouldering guidebook. This was one of the first guidebooks to comprehensively cover bouldering in the Peak District, and such was its popularity that you still see well-loved copies being used today. They have even been sold on eBay for inflated prices in recent years.

Later this year we will be finally producing the new edition of this book. Since 2000 bouldering has undergone a massive growth in popularity, and the Peak District is now generally considered to be the most popular bouldering destination in the UK. The new book will bring everything up to date with many new venues, loads of new problems plus all the old well-loved spots being covered.

The new book due out this summer

One of the big changes in this book will be the grading system we use. The debate about V-grades or Font grades for bouldering has been ongoing for years without a definitive worldwide resolution at this stage. We have decided to use a dual system which will hopefully keep everyone happy by presenting all harder problems with both a V-grade and a Font grade. For the lower-grade problems we are going to use V-grades with UK tech grades since these tend to be more familiar to less experienced boulderers coming from a trad climbing background. The split will be between V2/font 5+ and V3/6A which also represents the divide line between orange spot problems and red spot problems.

More information on the book here

News update May 13 - The book will not be published this summer. Now that we are working on it we have uncovered discrepancies with many of the low-grade problems and it is taking a lot of time to sort these out. The new predicted date is before Christmas 2013.

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Costa Blanca Xtra – Free MiniGuide

The Spain : Costa Blanca book was (once again) “the biggest Rockfax ever” with 456 pages, a title it is likely to keep until the next book is published in the summer! Despite its size we still didn’t have room for a number of the crags that we had covered in the previous 2005 edition – crags like Ibi, Sierra Magdelena and Alcoi amongst others. Most of these were dropped due to them being either very outlying, or not very popular.

Download the Costa Blanca Xtra MiniGuide Now

This MiniGuide contains 4 of these crags and two extra buttresses from covered crags. It also has Morro Falqui which only ever previously featured in a MiniGuide, and El Picayo, which is a nice-enough little crag but a bit distant from the main areas (see photo). Also of note is the fact that we think we have finally got a decent and accurate approach description to Alcoi – possibly the hardest crag to find anywhere.

El Picayo which is near Montessa

The MiniGuide is available in a two-side-printer paginated booklet version (A4-Booklet), and a single-side-printer version (A4-Paper).

Crags Included (links go to Rockfax Database) - Sierra MagdelenaIbiSector Cumbre (Sax), Foradà (Extra Sectors), Alcoi, Morro Falqui, El Picayo, Baranc de l’Avern

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Spain : Costa Blanca – Now Available

The Spain : Costa Blanca guidebook has been published a week ahead of schedule and only 18 days after our last key-stroke making it a bit of a record breaking publication for us!

The book looks great and we hope the record number of people who pre-ordered the book will have received their copies very shortly. The stock is being sent out around the country to local specialist climbing shops right now and most of these should have copies in by the weekend of 16/17 Feb. Non-specialist shops are not likely to have any copies for several weeks despite what their web sites might say.

New Special Offer

Although the pre-order special offer has finished, we have replaced it with a new one. Each purchase from this web site of the new book now comes with a free version of the Costa Blanca Ridges Mobile MiniGuide. This should provide a handy companion for those wishing to attempt the ridges and not carry their heavy new shiny Rockfax print book with them.

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Costa Blanca Ridges – New Mobile Version

We have just released version 2 of the Costa Blanca Ridges MiniGuide by Mark Glaister. This new version is in our new mobile format – an interim format which is best used on a smartphone or tablet.

This is our second Mobile MiniGuide after Gower Sport Climbing back in October
2012. The format isn’t really ground-breaking but is a useful stop-gap between printed PDFs and a full App version.

The information in this MiniGuide has been slightly updated with a bit of feedback after version 1 and a slight modification of the way the text descriptions are presented. It covers the same five ridges – El Realet, Espolón Central, Bernia, Toix and Segaria.

The new Spain : Costa Blanca Rockfax print guidebook actually covers four of these ridges as well with the same information and this Mobile MiniGuide just adds a portable version plus the bonus Segaria Ridge.

We are now offering the Costa Blanca Ridges MiniGuide for free with every online purchase of the Spain : Costa Blanca guide from this web site.

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Spain: Costa Blanca – TO BE PUBLISHED EARLY

The Spain : Costa Blanca Rockfax has been printed ahead of schedule. We were originally expecting stock to be at the distributors on 20th February but we now reckon that we will have stock on 13th February. This means that people going out for their half term holidays should be able to get a copy if they order now.

Order now at a Special Offer Price of £24.95 (RRP £29.95)
Update: 13th Feb – The offer has now ended and the pre-orders have been shipped.

  • Books should be delivered to UK addresses by Friday 15th February.
  • Books to else where in Europe should be there before 27th February but may well be there earlier.

NOTE – We can’t guarantee this delivery date and a dump of snow in the wrong place could stall the process but we are currently pretty confident that the books will arrive on time.


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