UKC/Rockfax Bouldering Try-out Day

As part of the Alpkit Big Shakeout weekend, UKC/Rockfax are holding a Bouldering Try-out Day at the Burbage South boulders. Come and join us on Saturday 28th September from 11am onwards to try out a sample from the forthcoming Rockfax Peak Bouldering guide and test a crash pad from one of the major manufacturers. There are also some great prizes on offer in a prize draw including four crash pads.

Rockfax Peak Bouldering Guide Try-out

We will have the full chapters for the Burbage South Valley Boulders and the Burbage South Edge Boulders from the forthcoming Peak Bouldering Rockfax guidebook. These will be available in PDF format for downloading to your mobile device, and also there will be paper print-outs available on the day. We will be trialing our new circuit system and everyone who completes a circuit can enter the prize draw – see below.


Boulder Crash Pad Try-out

Major manufacturers will be attending on the day to showcase their crash pads. You will be able to take the pads and use them on the Burbage South Valley circuits and also talk with some of the representatives of the various brands. Already signed up we have Metolius, Snap, Alpkit, Mad Rock, Edelrid, Trangoworld, Climb X and Black Diamond.

Prize Draw

We have some great prizes to give away including four crash pads (so far) – two from Black Diamond, 1 from Mad Rock and 1 from Metolius - 10 bouldering chalk bags, some T-shirts and other goodies. To enter the prize draw all you need to do is turn up on the day and have a go at one of the Rockfax bouldering circuits.

Alpkit Big Shakeout

This event is part of the Alpkit Big Shakeout weekend - more information here (now sold out) – but you don’t need to be attending that to come, everyone is welcome.

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Mallorca DWS Update

Mallorca DWS UpdateDaimon Beail has been hard at work documenting even more deep water soloing on the Mediterranean paradise of Mallorca. He has put together a major update to the information he provided for the 2011 Mallorca guidebook which is now available as a Mobile MiniGuide.

Described in this update are 64 new lines, 6 attainable open projects, 5 existing lines with enhanced information and 11 reintroduced lines from the west coast. All of which can be found at 12 DWS venues across the island, of which three are entirely new and are appearing here for the first time.

Updated Crags: The Tower of Falcons, Cala Barques, Porto Colom – Lighthouse, Cala Marcal, Cala Sa Nau, Cala Mitjana, Cala Serena, Sa Calobra

New crags: Cova Des Burador, Cala Brafia, Cala Estreta and Port De Soller

Daimon has also put together a great new article on  UKClimbing - Deep Water Soloing Guide to Mallorca


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Peak Bouldering Guide and the Big Shakeout

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for our new and hotly-anticipated Peak Bouldering Guide and we are so keen to show it off that we are giving you the chance to grab a sneak preview on Staurday 28th September.

Peak Bouldering Guide Test Drive

Plan yourselves a day’s climbing and bouldering in Burbage valley and grab a free, mini-bouldering guide taken straight from the pages of the forthcoming new guide. This miniguide will showcase the  highly-acclaimed Rockfax style of presentation soon to be found in the long-awaited second edition of the Rockfax Peak Bouldering Guide. It will also feature a full range of problems including the very best testpieces in the valley to the many low-grade problems as well a range of bouldering circuits which link many of these problems together for the perfect guided session. We’d love you come along, meet us and give your feedback and help us make the finished guide the best it could possibly be.

Prizes on offer - Everyone who completes one of the circuits in the guide is eligible to enter a free prize draw – prizes to be announced!

A preview page from the Stanage section of the Peak Bouldering Rockfax

More about the guide here. It is due for publication in early 2014.

Boulder Mat Try Out

As an added incentive we will also be hosting a boulder mat try out session. If you’re after a new pad, or have been been looking to buy a pad for a while now, just grab yourself a couple demo pads from the  different manufactures’ examples on offer and put them to the test. Load them up, see how comfy they are to carry, squish the foam, land on the them, they are there to be tested to the max. If you break it… I’ll guess you’ll not be buying that pad.

The Alpkit Big Shakeout

To make a complete weekend of it, why not make a weekend of it and come along to the fourth Big Shakeout run by our friends over at Alpkit. Billed as Festival of Entertainment and Adventure and based a few miles from some of the best climbing in the Peak this would make an ideal base camp for a weekend climbing trip with friends and family.

Dates 27/28/29 September
More info

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The Rhossili Bay Project

Rockfax author Adrian Berry has just launched a great new initiative to develop Rhossili Bay on Gower in South Wales with 30 new sport routes below 7a. His idea is to try and get the the fund-raising ball rolling then start bolting up the routes near Shipwreck Cove on the south end of the bay.

As Adrian explains on his web page here, this is a beautiful family-friendly location that is unlikely to get developed for climbers operating in these grades, yet there is plenty on offer.

Jen Stephens climbing at Shipwreck Cove. Photo: Mark Glaister

If you are the sort of person who would like to combine a beach holiday – family or not – with a bit of sport climbing, then Rhossili Bay is just the place.

How can you help?

Simple! Make a donation by clicking on this button.

The target is £1000 which should be enough to bolt all the routes and have a small celebration party at the end of the task. Adrian goes into much more detail about the costings here on his web site.

To kick start the whole project, Rockfax has made a single donation of £100. The great news is that in the first 6 hours after this project was launched £190 was raised!

This is also a good time to remind people of the web site set up by UKC/Rockfax to co-ordinate bolt funds from around Europe into one single place making it easier for climbers to donate.

Now that is a nice place to go sport climbing! Photo: Mark Glaister

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Rockfax and Bolt Fund / ACT Donations

Since January this year we have been running ‘point of sale’ donations on books bought direct from the Rockfax web site. These have started to bring in a little bit of cash to some of the bolt funds and the BMC Access and Conservation Trust (ACT).

In addition to these PofS donations from people buying the books, we have committed to donating £1 from the Rockfax proceeds to the appropriate Bolt Fund or the ACT for all sales of our main books made direct from the web site. We will implement this from 1 Jan 2013 and have just made the first round of donations to the ACT, the Dorset Bolt Fund and Gary Gibson Bolt Fund.

The Bolt Funds which feature with our book sales are all the ones included on This means that our books to some sport climbing areas (mostly the ones in France and Spain) aren’t included. This is because we aren’t aware of any bolt funds in these areas. We would be very happy to include more bolt funds in our lists. If you would like your bolt fund featured here please get in touch to discuss it.

For the forthcoming North Wales Climbs, Rockfax will be giving a special donation of £1 per book to the North Wales Bolt Fund from the first 1500 copies sold anywhere. After that it will revert to the £1 per online sale system operated with the other books.

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