Lofoten Area Information

When to Go

Situated north of the Arctic Circle, Lofoten has two main seasons – High Summer and Deep Winter (which the locals call simply ‘mørketid’ – dark times) with two periods of rapid transition dividing these contrasting times.

Midnight sun - approximately 27 May to 17 July.
Polar night - approximately 6 December to 6 January.

How to Get There

It is a fact that Lofoten is quite a long way from anywhere – Bergen to Skutvik is almost 1600km of which a grand total of only 15km are on a motorway. Factoring in the low speed limits and often rather tortuous roads, means that the driving time for that journey is about 24…

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Rjukan Area Information

When to go

Ice climbing is a very condition dependent activity and there is no guarantee of good conditions as the weather has its own mysterious ways of behaving. Despite this there are statistics available that could be helpful when planning your trip. The earliest ascents recorded at Rjukan have been done at the beginning of October, though this month is obviously not a good choice! For the best condit

ions, with stable ice that has settled, you should consider mid December to the end of March, with February as prime time. January has short days, but generally good conditions. February is much like January, but also has the benefit of longer days. The average temperature for January and February is…

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