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Lofoten Rock
Authors: Chris Craggs and Thorbjørn Enevold
Published: May 2008
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The 2008 edition of Lofoten is no longer available for sale. We are working on a new print edition which will be published in May 2017.

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The information is available on the Rockfax App via the Download tab on the Crags tab. It is available as a single download for £22.99 or as smaller separate bundles. More information on the App here. This app version is an update of the 2008 printed guidebook. If you buy this now then you will get a free upgrade to the new version when the printed book is published in 2017.

Awarded: Winner of 2008 Mountain Exposition Award at the Banff Mountain Book Festival
Awarded: Winner of 2009 Guidebook of the Year Award at the Outdoor Writers' Guild

"The word that comes to mind when summing up this book is perfect. We can’t imagine how another guidebook formula could make a complex climbing area easier to navigate or more enticing to visit."

John Harlin summing up the Banff Mountain Book Festival Judges' feelings about Lofoten Rock - November 2008 (full review below)

The Lofoten Islands are located off the west coast of Norway north of the Arctic Circle - FREE PDF Map of the climbing areas. The area is covered with inspirational mountains of perfect grey granite in some dramatic scenery. As with many areas the developed climbing seems to have barely scratched the surface of available climbable rock and yet the established routes are already regarded as some of the best multi-pitch granite route on either side of the Atlantic.

UPDATE - Download the Lofoten Update 2010 for some vital new information.

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Crags included

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The West
Helvetestinden, Merraflestinden, Breiflogtinden, Maslitinden, Olstinden, Ølkontinden, Reinesvaet, Nubben, Stortind, Eggum

Rørvika, Pianokrakken, Djupfjord, Presten, Gandalfveggen, Festvågvegg, Henningsvær to Kalle

Paradiset, Vågakallen, Øvredalen, Kallebukta, Trollfestningen, Glåmtinden

Sandvika, Urdstabben, Tjelbergvika, Finnvika,

Blåtinden, Svolvær Geita, Skråpillaren, Råna

Plus information on the major walking peaks and bouldering spots.

The Islands have an almost mythical status in Norway, and despite their remoteness, most Norwegians feel they have to visit the place at least once in their lives. For climbers the same could be said to be true, a remote stronghold of traditional climbing, on great rock, amongst marvellous scenery. The atmosphere of the islands is magical and weaves its spell on all who visit - trips are inevitably too short and returns are planned as soon as the peaks slip over the horizon.

6 Reviews for Lofoten Rock

  1. Roger Smith, Guy Proctor, OWG said on

    Infectiously enthusiastic and a smorgasbord of inspiration and information combined in the wonderful images and topos. Shaggy and inclusive rather than clinical and definitive, with a frankness that’s totally winning, and in its invitation for readers’ contributions totally modern and in the ‘wiki spirit’ too. Exciting and brilliant.

  2. Jon Amtrup said on

    Great book that gives you a total climbing overview of the fantastic Lofoten area. The section with the walking, “tinderangling” trips is also good value for money. Can’t wait to return next summer. We are even so inspired by this book, and of course the area, that we are considering putting together Climb & Sail tours with http://www.explorenorth.no so that even more climbing enthusiasts can experience the area.

  3. John Harlin, Banff Festival 2008 said on

    The word that comes to mind when summing up this book is “perfect.” We can’t imagine how another guidebook formula could make a complex climbing area easier to navigate or more enticing to visit. From the overview maps to the tabbed sections to the quality and quantity of route line photos — all in exquisite color and often highlighted with action shots — this book completely demystifies a set of granite encrusted islands off the Norwegian coast. With this book in hand, all the adventure will come from the climbing, none from figuring out where the climbs are.

  4. Jonas Wiklund said on

    I haven’t used the book on that many routes, but for the routes I did this summer the information was spot on, and everyone I’ve talked to agree on this. The layout is fantastic! Overall one of the very best guidebooks I have used. Very inspiring. I did a photocopy of the topo and a printout from the information on this database for the long routes I did.

  5. Toby Archer said on

    I reckon the best guidebook that I have ever seen. I used to think the Rockfax style was too busy and distracting for me, but this is a total masterpiece – big up to Chris and Thorbjørn and the rest of the Rockfax crew in the UK and the support Norwegian writers.

  6. Twid Turner said on

    Great book. Well done. Fantastic production. Like the article by the slovenian chap who tried to repeat my route. When he asked me about it, he gave me the impression that he was a strong climber. Those Brits eh….

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