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Authors: Chris Craggs
Published: February 2008
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The wide rolling hills, outcrops and quarries of Sandstone and Gritstone that pepper northern England have long been popular with the locals, though visitors are less common, except on the few better known cliffs. Although lacking the extensive edges of the Peak District, there are many fine crags and hidden classics here waiting for the diligent explorer. This guidebook will help climbers get the most from this superb and varied area.

The book is a selected route and crag guide although it still manages to pack over 2350 routes between its covers, spread across 44 crags. The main focus is on routes of all grades from Moderate to E9, but the best bouldering is also described.

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Crags included

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Pule Hill, Shooter's Nab, Heptonstall, Widdop, Earl Crag, Ilkley, The Chevin, Caley, Almscliff, Eastby, Crookrise, Rylstone, Simon's Seat, Brimham, Slipstones, Goldsborough Carr, Crag Willas

North York Moors
Scugdale, Wainstones, Raven's Scar, Highcliffe Nab, Park Nab

Causey Quarry, Crag Lough, Peel Crag, Callerhues, East Woodburn, Great Wanny, Sandy Crag, Ravensheugh, Simonside, Corby's, The Drake Stone, Bowden Doors, Back Bowden, Kyloe in the Wood, Kyloe out the Wood, Berryhill

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3 Reviews for Northern England

  1. Bernard Newman, Climber Magazine said on

    Chris Craggs has sprinkled his fairy dust over all the popular edges from Almscliff to Kyloe, effortlessly locating, describing and beautifully illustrating all the climbs that most of us would ever want to do across this great swathe of northern England.

  2. duncan_s said on

    Just got the book through and used it today at Brimham, our first visit to the crag, made finding our way round very easy. Like the fact that you’ve put a map at the back, always thought western grit should have done that.
    The boxes at the start of each crag breaking down what grades are at the crag and their quality is a nice touch. The photography keeps getting better from guidebook to guidebook, nothing else can compare. For those used to the rockfax format, there are a few new symbols, including how busy the crag gets.
    Also good is the flaps on the cover to help keep your page, with handy topo information on the front and ticklist on the back.

  3. Franco cookson said on

    Nicely done and good pictures. A lot was missed out and the grading is out by a bit, but we always expected that I suppose. Good effort though and I hope it sells well, just a pity about Barker’s eh?

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