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Authors: Chris Craggs and Alan James
Published: July 2007
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The first two publications in the new Rockfax series of Pokketz guidebooks; Peak NE and Peak SE cover the eastern gritstone edges and the limestone of the Stoney and Matlock areas.

Peak SE Pokketz is the first Rockfax guide to the Peak area to include a mix of grit and limestone. The grit edges from Froggatt and Curbar to Gardoms and Birchen are given ample coverage, then we dash over to Stoney and Horseshoe for a bit of limestone, and Ravensdale adds another aspect to the low grade limestone package. The final section covers the fine crags around Matlock - for a full list see below.

The book focuses on routes from Moderate to HVS and manages to pack more than 500 carefully chosen gems between its covers, but also includes 20 classic E1s and E2s to give something for everyone to aspire to.

This book provides a compact and low cost (RRP £9.95) introduction to the brilliant climbing found in the SE Peak Area. It is presented in the same clear and easy-to-follow style that make Rockfax publications the current leaders in the field, but it has been stripped down to give just the essentials required by many climbers.

The Pokketz Format - A6 in size, weighing less than 150 grams and only 7mm thick this small and portable guidebook will fit in your 'pokketz'. Instead of concentrating on regions or rock types, the Pokketz books will cover grade bands and/or different climbing styles. The Peak series will include limestone routes as well as gritstone and will be presented in a horizontal page format to maximize the information packed between the covers. Future books will make maximum use of the format in covering sea cliff and multi-pitch routes where guidebook portability becomes an important consideration.

Crags included

Links take you to the correct section of the Rockfax Route Database. The Pokketz books only contain a selection of the available routes and not all the routes listed on the pages linked to below.

FroggattCurbarBaslowGardomsBirchenChatsworthStoney MiddletonHorseshoe QuarryRavensdale, Harborough RocksHigh TorWild CatWillersleyBlack Rocks

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