Rifle – Bite the Bullet

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Rifle – Bite the Bullet
Authors: Dave Pegg
Published: September 1997
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A guide to the limestone of Rifle Mountain Park in Colorado. Over 200 of the best hard sport routes to be found anywhere. The information and topos have been done by Dave Pegg and this book is the best source of information on the climbs at Rifle.

Crags Included - Ruckman Cave, Meat Wall, Sapper Wall, Project Wall, Anti-Phil, Winchester Cave, The Bauhaus, Crystal Cave, Skull Cave, The Ica Caves, The Wasteland, Nappy Dugout, The Arsenal, Sno-cone Wall, The Wicked Cave, The Lower Canyon.

Format - The book contains black and white topos of all the routes with detailed descriptions, route symbols and location maps.

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