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Authors: Alan James, Mark Glaister, Daimon Beail
Published: January 2016
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The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is now well-known as a sport climbing destination and it has also established itself as the home of Europe's best deep water soloing.

The main guidebook to the climbing on the island for the last 20 years has been published by Rockfax and this new 2016 edition adds to this legacy with another blockbusting volume for the sun-seeking climber.

The sport climbing has been written by Alan James and Mark Glaister, and the deep water soloing section is being written by Daimon Beail.

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What's New Since the Last (2011) Edition

There are five major new crags in the sport climbing section - Cala Llamp, C'as Catala, Es Grau, Commune de Caimari and Torre d'en Beu, plus major new developments at S'estret and Sa Mola de Felanitx. Other areas have had new routes and changes added with plenty of new action photographs and crag images.

The DWS section adds 4 new crags plus many updates, changes and new crag photos.

Crags Included

Links take you to the relevant section of the UKC Logbook database.

Sport Climbing - Can OrtiguesLa Vall Verde, Cala Llamp, C'an Formiga, Puig de GarrafaSanta PonçaGalilea, Ca's Catatà, Sa Cantera, Penyal d'es GrauEs VergerS'estretValldemossaSa GubiaFraguelPort de SóllerC'an NyicGorge BlauEs QueixalAlaróCaimari, Es Grau des RucLa CrevetaEl FumatXon XanquetePuig St. MartiEl Calo de BetlemErmita de BetlemSon ServeraSa Mola de FelantixFelanitxCala Magraner, Torre d'en Beu, Tijuana

Deep Water Soloing - Cova del DiabloPorto CristoPorto Cristo NovoCala BarquesCova des BuradorPorto ColomCala MarcalCala Brafia, Cala EstretaCala Sa NauCala MitjanaCala SerenaSantanyiCala Llombards, Port de SóllerSa CalobraPorto Pi

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Access Issues for Mallorca

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