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Authors: Adrian Berry and Steve McClure
Published: Second Edition - July 2011
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"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their climbing to the next level. The authors put their wealth of climbing experience into an entertaining and easy-to-read manual."
Chris Sharma commenting on the first edition in November 2006

Until now, instructional books for climbers have taken a largely 'negative' approach, concentrating on how to reduce the inherent risks of the sport, and mentioning only in passing the equally important skills required to get to the top. This book represents a watershed in the genre, coming from a coaching perspective, Sport Climbing+ is packed with inspirational photos, humorous illustrations, and two lifetime's worth of learning how to succeed at the toughest of all sports.

The book takes a practical approach, focusing on the improvements that climbers can make immediately, without embarking on lengthy training programs. Written in a highly accessible, jargon-free style, Sport Climbing+ is sure to be useful to all climbers wishing to get involved with sport climbing; from complete beginners making their first trip outside after leaving the wall, to experienced athletes just trying to find that extra bit of help required for their latest 8a redpoint.

This book is the first in a series of instructional guides from Rockfax. It has been written by, and strongly features high profile, professional climbers: the last such book was the hugely successful 'Fawcett on rock' published twenty years ago. The book is presented in the rich, informative, colourful style that has made Rockfax the 'gold standard' for guidebooks.

Book Format - The book is in the standard A5, soft-cover format with full-colour throughout. It features many action photos to illustrate the various techniques, plus cartoons and informative text spread over 192 pages.

Second Edition - The second edition of Sport Climbing+, published in June 2011, contains updated information on belay devices as well as some changes to the multi-pitching chapter. There are also many new photos throughout better illustrating the text.

6 Reviews for Sport CLIMBING+

  1. Emma Harrington said on

    As a new climber who has only been leading for 3 months, this book was recommended to me to help me understand more about sport climbing.

    As sport climbing is a very practical activity I was doubtful whether the theory of this book would help me, but I was surprised at how much useful step by step information it had.

    It explains in detail how to tie in correctly, how to belay correctly and the differences between onsighting and redpointing. For the more experienced climber this may seem all too simple, but for a beginner or someone looking to progress in sport climbing this book is perfect.

    The illustrations are fun and make explanations more visual and clear to understand.
    Diagrams that show the right and wrong way to do something are also very useful as you can then see a clear comparison between the two.

    Overall the book is easy to follow and full of useful information for the complete beginner and also for climbers looking to improve. The book takes a very positive approach that inspires you to want to climb better.

  2. John Horscroft, Climber Magazine said on

    “This book manages to be informative without submerging the reader under a welter of buzz words. It is both comprehensive and yet comprehensible enough not to tax my limited attention span. “

  3. Dave MacLeod said on

    “Adrian Berry and Steve McClure have gone straight for the kill with the highest leverage techniques and tactics spelled out in bite-size chunks – easy to digest and simple to apply.
    Finally a climbing improvement book has given tactics their true place alongside technique and training, to offer a balanced way forward for any sport climber to draw from.
    My experience as a climber and coach is that, while there is a lot to climbing, each element is actually refreshingly simple on its own. This is what is reflected back from the book. Applying all the elements he has outlined will help you become a more complete climber.
    Every climber has at least one part of the jigsaw puzzle missing. This book has all the parts laid out clearly so you can find yours!”

  4. Chris Sharma said on

    “I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their climbing to the next level. The authors put their wealth of climbing experience into an entertaining and easy-to-read manual. “

  5. Lucy Creamer said on

    “This book is an excellent addition to the ‘How to climb’ genre, offering techniques and tips from a modern perspective. The appealing layout helps to make this book an essential tool for people climbing at all grades, wanting to improve their sport climbing skills.”

  6. Neil Gresham said on

    “This book provides essential reading to anyone who wishes to fulfil their potential in sport climbing.”

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