Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Clwyd Limestone, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
IneleganceWorld's EndVD
IncompetenceWorld's EndHVD
Oak Tree Wall DirectPontesford RocksHVD
Open BookWorld's EndS
SchmutzigPandy OutcropS
Shattered CrackMaeshafn QuarryHS
Funeral CornerTwilight AreaHS
Cannon AretePandy OutcropHS
Sally in PinkDinbrenVS
Puppy PowerMaeshafn QuarryVS
Atlantic TravellerPinfoldVS
Face ValuePandy OutcropVS
WhimWorld's EndHVS
IntensityWorld's EndHVS
The DogPot Hole QuarryHVS
MajorPot Hole QuarryHVS
BorderlineTrevor Quarry6a+
CebaPot Hole QuarryE1
VettaPot Hole QuarryE1
The MinstrelMaeshafn QuarryE1
Black WallLlanymynech QuarryE1
Black BastardLlanymynech QuarryE2
DigitronCraig ArthurE2
The Royal ArchDinbrenE3
Mathematical WorkoutMaeshafn QuarryE3
Manikins of HorrorCraig ArthurE3
CurfewLlanymynech Quarry6b+
Margin of ErrorTrevor Quarry6c
Traction ControlTrevor Quarry6c
Traction TraumaDinbren6c+
Humpty DumptyLlanymynech Quarry6c+
Climb HighDinbren7a
Technicolour YawnDinbren7a+
The Ancient MarinerLlanymynech Quarry7a+
Mussel BoundLlanymynech Quarry7a+
Walking with BarrenceDinbren7b
The Screaming SkullLlanymynech Quarry7b
I Punched Judy FirstDinbren7b+
The BanditsDinbren7b+
Grand CanyonDevil's Gorge7b+
Extreme WaysDinbren7c
The Final SolutionWorld's End7c+
Elite SyncopationsDinbren8a
El RinconDinbren8a